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Why do you think this novel is frequently challenged? Should it be challenged?

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message 1: by Kristy (new)

Kristy | 4 comments Mod
Pick any novel on the bookshelf to answer these questions!

message 2: by Amybeth (new)

Amybeth Maurer | 1 comments The Color Purple - I think this book has been challenged because it confronts serious issues that most people don't want to talk about such as rape, abuse, prejudice and much more. I loved this book so much more than the movie, but have to say Whoopie did an outstanding job.

message 3: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Friese | 3 comments I think the Chocolate War is challenged due to the graphic nature of the violence towards the end of the novel and the sheer examples of peer pressure and organizational influence. I think people mostly want to sugarcoat an organization or an activity mainly to draw attention away from it and not have to deal with the problems that would arise from that. This book certainly grabbed my attention because it amazes me how sometimes the rights that are given to us (the right to make your own choices, freedom of speech, etc.) can be challenged by others and possibly restrained.

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