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message 1: by Bells (new)

Bells | 61 comments Mod
We know that Cesaria has a bunch of nicknames in the book, but I want to know which one is your favorite. Personally my fave is Cheesibomb, which I know that 99.9% of you like as well. But, some of you may like Tulip, or Chessie, or...Chess! So tell me which is your favorite?

message 2: by Kay (last edited Sep 15, 2010 10:57AM) (new)

Kay (calikay) | 4 comments Chessibomb fo sho!! My heart melted when I read that!

I do also like Tulip. But damn...it hurt when Terrible realized that was Lex's nickname for her.

message 3: by Colette (new)

Colette  (abuckeyegirlreads) | 37 comments Mod
Cheesibomb is by far my favorite. Tulip annoys the crap out of me..but then maybe it's because I'm not a Lex fan.

message 4: by Nellie (new)

Nellie | 5 comments I like Chessie. Though the Chessiebomb was definitely heartwarming.

message 5: by Bells (new)

Bells | 61 comments Mod
Nellie wrote: "I like Chessie. Though the Chessiebomb was definitely heartwarming."

Yes Chessie was sweet. *sigh*

message 6: by Anilú (new)

Anilú (anilumagloire) | 50 comments Dude!!!! Chessiebomb is it!!!

message 7: by Grace (new)

Grace (liliannemarie2012) | 8 comments Chessie is my favorite. Really sweet.

message 8: by Kujo317 (new)

Kujo317 | 17 comments I so dig whenever TERRIBLE says "CHESSIBOMB" but I totally melt the last time in City of Ghosts

message 9: by Chelsea (new)

Chelsea (vampirebookclub) | 52 comments Mod
I think we all died when we read Chessiebomb. I'm curious to see if we'll get to hear him continue to use it in Book 4.

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