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Gunnerkrigg Court does not look much like a school at all. It closer resembles a large industrial complex than a place of learning. As with most schools in the UK, Gunnerkrigg Court requires all students to wear a uniform. Gunnerkrigg Court is a boarding school. This is set in modern day, although the court has robots far beyond advanced normal robots. If you have never read it, start here and get reading.

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Kat ran to science.

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Antimony sat in class.

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She opened the door, and it crashed into the wall. She winced as she heard glass break. "Sorryy.." She whimpered. "It's ok, Kat" Mrs Donlan sighed. "Come in" She smiled, ushering Kat in. "I'll clear up the glass" She said, shaking her head. "You'll sit next to Anitomy, dear." She said, and pointed to where Anitomy sat. Kat walked over and sat down. She smiled at Anitomy. "I'm Kat. Kat Donlan" She smiled, and held out her hand, grinning.

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Antimony shook it, smiling. She turned back to look forward.

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"I hope we will all make Anitomy feel welcome" Ms. Donlan continued as Kat looked back to the front. "Not likely, miss. She's always swotting in the study hall" William grinned. "Behehe" He laughed. "Stuff a sock in it, William" Kat scowled.

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Antimony turned, and just looked at William, and his smile faltered. He scowled.

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((YAY reference 83))

"There is nothing wrong with getting on with your studies, William." Ms. Donlan said contently. "Maybe you should follow Anitomy's example" She said, and smiled at Anitomy. "Hmph" William scowled, crossing his arms.

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((This whole thing's going to be references.))

Antimony looked away. The bell rang, and she got up and left.

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"Anitomy! Wait for me!" Kat called after Anitomy, running down the corridor.

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Antimony turned. "Hello. Katerina, wasn't it?"

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"Oh, call me Kat! Where are you going?"

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"To the study hall."

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"You should come to the playground!"

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"Yes. Yes I should."

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"Can I call you Annie, by the way?" Kat asked, walking off with Anitomy.

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NEXT SCENE In the classroom, at the end of the lesson.

"And that concludes a brief exposition on the creation of mythology. Before you go, I have some homework for you." the teacher droned. "I want you to go away in pairs and find out as much information as you can on a mythical creature of your choice. You will work in pairs, and present your findings to the class tomorrow."

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Kat snored. "..Wuh?" She murmured, waking up. She yawned, and streched. Crik went her back. "We should work together" She smiled at Anitomy, catching the last of what he said.

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"I'd like that."

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"Did you have a mythical figure in mind?"

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"I was thinking of covering the Minotaur."

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"The what-a-taur?"

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"The ancient greek breast that was part bull, part man. Borne of Pasiphae, queen to Minos, the Cretan king."

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"Oh" Kat said, and paused. "Libary, then?"

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NEXT SCENE The library

Zimmy and Gamma sat in a corner.

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((They aren't in the libary then..))

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((I know.))

Antimony looked at the books.

((I don't care. I'm gonna introduce them anyways.))

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"Hey, who are you?" Kat asked, eyeing the girls sat in the corner.

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"What you lookin' at?" Zimmy retorted. "Got a problem?"

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"No, stop being rude!!"

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"Is there a problem here?" Antimony asked. Zimmy stood up. "Nothin'..."

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"Glupie..." muttered Gamma. "To nie byto bardzo mike." Antimony said. Gamma blushed. "What'd you say to her??" Zimmy yelled. Antimony took Kat's arm. "Come on, let's go find out about the minotaur."

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"Eh, ok"

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"You wanna try in there." Zimmy said, pointing to the doors to the other library. "This place got nothin' on myths."

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"That's the old part of the Libary. Never been there myself"

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"Then let's look. I prefer older books."

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Kat pushed the large oak door, and it creaked open. She walked in.

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((Oh right. Sorry.))

Antimony looked up at the dictionary. "There seems to be a whole section devoted to Greek Mythology."

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Kat walked on, and saw some glowing paintings ahead. "Cool.." She whispered, skipping up to them. There were footsteps leading into each of them. Her eyes widened, her mouth forming a little 'O'.

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Antimony bent down. "What are those?"

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"I've herd of em' before. Dad says they're like passages." She said, sticking a hand through one.

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Antimony was fascinated. She crouched down, and put her hand though it. She bent down, and crawled though.

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Kat followed, and they were in a large Library, skyscrapers of bookshelves surrounding them. "Whooaaah, there ought to be more than enough in here.." She said, gasping.

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Antimony nodded. She spotted a statue of the Minotaur.

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"Hey, is this the guy you were talking about?" Kat asked, rushing over to the enormous statue and tapping it's foot. Unknowingly, there was a button there, and a giant door rumbled open. "Cool.." She grinned, her eyes gleaming.

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"That's him." she smiled, peering in.

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Kat walked in.

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