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Winter Rose Phantom ((Go))

Winter Rose Phantom Elundari walked through the forest late at night as shewas ready to feed

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Prue run's through the forest in her wolf form.

Winter Rose Phantom Elundari sucked on the blood of a small rodent

Winter Rose Phantom Aiedail walked down the sidewalk in broad daylight

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Meki was just heading to work and passed by Aiedail nearly running into him "i am sorry " she said and keep running

Winter Rose Phantom He blinked and watched her go A hit and run? he laughed softly

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Prue walks by them on the other side of the road, Because it was daylight she was in her human form. She see's the 'Hit and run' And chuckles to herself. her steel blue eyes shining.

Winter Rose Phantom Aiedail Scratched his head and started walking again

Elundari finished and walked out onto the side walk as well

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Elizabeth Jadia slunk through the forest, her entire body thirsting for her meal.

Winter Rose Phantom Aiedail walked

So did Elundari

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Elizabeth After feeding on a huge elk, she returned to civilization.

Winter Rose Phantom They walked

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Elizabeth She walked down the road, eyes closed.

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Meki ran into work and got started

Winter Rose Phantom ((Romance rp^^))Elundari walked into the Subway Station and bought a ticket and she got on the train

Aiedail walked

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Elizabeth Jadia also got on the Subway

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Winter Rose Phantom Elundari stood inside

Aiedail walked to a store where he bought a soda then haeded to the park

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Later that night meki got off of work and headed to the park to go for a walk

Winter Rose Phantom Aiedail sat at the park, thinking.((I g2g i'll get bnack on on my dsi in a little bit

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meki passed him jogging

Winter Rose Phantom he watched her

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Prue went running in her wolf form in the Park, her fur shimmering a blue-black color, She saw Meki and Aiedail watching her, She decided to keep an eye on them.

Winter Rose Phantom he watched her

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((Who's he watching now? Prue or is he still watching Meki))

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Meki sighed and stopped by a tree and sat down for a couple of mintues

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Prue walks up to Meki Carefully not wanting to scare her.

Winter Rose Phantom ((meki))

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Meki looked up at the wolf

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"Hi, do you want a running partner? It's dark out and it's not real safe out here at night, Two is better then one alone" Said Prue.

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"Um i was about to go home but sure" she said smiling sweetly

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Prue smiled and waited for Meki to stand up. then ran with her to Meki's house.

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Meki smiled "thank you" she saod smiling

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Prue smiled back, "No Problem."

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Meki walked into her house

Winter Rose Phantom Aiedail watched them and thought werewolf?((hogwarts rp?))

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Prue walked down the steps and back to the Park.

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Winter Rose Phantom ((^^))

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Meki sighed and layed down

Winter Rose Phantom ((I'm on^^ for now))

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Meki got up in the middle of the night and went to her kichen her front door was open and she froze scared

Winter Rose Phantom ((what?))Aiedail sat in a tree at the park he wasn't sleeping nor did any other Vampires

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((nothing ^.^))

Meki was grabbed from behind and thrown across the room. it was a vampire that had broken into her house. Meki hit the floor hard and let out a cry of pain as she layed flat on the floor trying to get up

Winter Rose Phantom Aiedail, with his advance Vampire like hearing, Heard the commotion to go see what it was,If thats another Vampire who's trying to feed on a human...The guy's dead...((He's agains feeding on humans and so is Elundari)) He got up and headed to the noise Swiftly((I g2g School))

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Meki was held down and the vampire bit down on her neck dranking deeply

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Prue herd the Commotion and Bursts through the open door and throws the Vampire off of Meki, Now in her wolf form, She stands in front of Meki Guarding her.

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Meki was whimpering and laying on the ground weak and still bleeding

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