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Winter Rose Phantom Name:
Age(In vampire years. Not required if you are a werewolf):
Real Age:
Weapon(If any):

Winter Rose Phantom Name: Elundari Darknight
Age(In vampire years. Not required if you are a werewolf): 19
Real Age: 542
Gender: Female
Personality: Kind,Smart,Caring,Gentle,tries to refrain from sucking blood but cant surpress it so she preys on samll animals
Weapon(If any): Karate
Other: tbd

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Name: Prue
Age(In vampire years. Not required if you are a werewolf): Not Required
Real Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Werewolf
Looks: Wolf Form:
Personality: Playful but a Serious Fighter
Weapon(If any): Teeth, Claws, Tae-Kwon-Do, Strong Telekinetic Powers
Other: Her eyes change colors with her moods, Regular Color

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hey can I be a werepire??? If so, here ya go!

Name: Rozara
Age(In vampire years. Not required if you are a werewolf): 18
Real Age: 717
Gender: female
Species: werepire!
Looks: I'll post them later when my computer isn't acting up
Personality: secretive, dark
Weapon(If any): vampire powers, werewolf powers, telekineses if possible
Other: crush is open?

Winter Rose Phantom ((fines there can be a werepire))

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((i am going to make one here))

Winter Rose Phantom ((Fine with me))

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can i make a girl and someone make a guy for her

Winter Rose Phantom ((sures I'll do it))

Winter Rose Phantom ((is your charrie a vamp or a werewolf))

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((Not sure yet but i will deside later i will be back in 30 mins))

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((i am back))

Winter Rose Phantom ((ok))

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can she be human

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why are you guys talking in parentheses?

Winter Rose Phantom You know what idont know In response to the second question and yes she can be human

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Name: Meki
Age(In vampire years. Not required if you are a werewolf): 17
Real Age: she is human
Gender: female
Species: human
anime girl Pictures, Images and Photos
Personality: sweet and shy
Weapon(If any): none

Winter Rose Phantom Name: Aiedail
Age(In vampire years. Not required if you are a werewolf): 17
Real Age: 343
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire
Personality: Stubborn, Smart, Gentle, Kind, Protets those he cares about
Weapon(If any): Age Old Vampire Magic((Dark Magic))
Other: he's sort of quiet but not to much

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Winter Rose Phantom Ain't he???^^

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you start

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Elizabeth Name: Jadia
Age(In vampire years. Not required if you are a werewolf): 15
Real Age: 243
Gender: F
Species: Vampire
Looks: ((I cannot find a picture that fits as well as I see in my head, so I'll just describe it.)) Black hair that curls at the ends and goes down to her waist. Soul-less black eyes and very pale skin. Very skinny figure, tall. Lips set in a thin line.
Personality: dark, she had a very cold past.
Weapon(If any): Teeth, 'nuff said
Other: You'll understand later

Winter Rose Phantom

Hows this?

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Elizabeth basically, but my charrie is much colder, emotionless.

Winter Rose Phantom ah ok

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Name: Tifanny
Real Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Looks: Will Update Later
Personality: Playful, Funny and Smart
Weapon(If any):

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Winter Rose Phantom Name: Yuki
Age(In vampire years. Not required if you are a werewolf):
Real Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Werewolf
Looks: [image error]
Wolf form:
Personality: Smart, Calm, cool
Weapon(If any): Claws and fangs and Karate
Other: he's an okay singer, His eyes chenge color between red and black

Winter Rose Phantom Oh and just by the way my random comment of the day is that Inuyasha is My Bitch

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Daisy "Name: Veronica
Age(Human age): 17
Gender: F
Personality: sweet but agressive if you mess with something she cares about.
Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http...
History: Grown up the "American Dream" way. Mom, Dad, and a younger brother who she finds annoying but gets along with and cares about most of the time. She lives in a gated community where all the houses look the same and everyone pays people to make rules for thwir astetically appealing neighborhood. She goes to Lyn Academy and fancy private school where they wear uniforms. She's human but won't be for long...I just need someone to change her and rip apart her sickeningly perfect life.
Family: in history
Crush: open and wanted

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Jacob and James Bitterman (Xuxumanga) | 57 comments Name: Amaris
Gender: Male
Species: Werewolf
Personality: Sweet and nice but can become "Dark" If he gets angry
Appearance: Long curly silver hair, bright blue eyes, "Dark": Long black hair and bright yellow eyes
Wolf form: Black wolf with bright yellow eyes
Weapons: Super smart, can fight good
Other: Has no family

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Prue can turn Veronica into a Werewolf, She needs a Victem.

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Daisy I realize this was posted on October 19th but if you still need someone that's fine. I understand you don't.

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