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Bethany Huang | 104 comments Mod
This is where you can recieve letters and packages from your family, or the Daily Prophet if you have an owl.

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Bethany Huang | 104 comments Mod
To Allie:
From the Daily Prophet
Delivered by Soren

Introductory helicopter nature shot
Bad guy at a safe distance
Second introductory helicopter nature shot
Bad guy at an uncomtorably close distance!(turn)
Careful Harry he doesn't have a nose!
Harry needs some sleep
And he needs a nose
And he needs some sleep. And some new glasses
And he needs a manicure
Don't sleep yet Harry he's going to kill you!
Spell dodge, too many passengers.
Drmatic turn
How does that hold him up
First time he ever touched a girl
Pan up, pointy roof
Leaf bed look right
This movie is extremely important
Forcefield dissolves
Dramtically raise hand
That train is screwed
Slowly look left
This movie's the most important movie you'll ever see
Back up in a library
Raise your hand.(and a wand)
Dragon's pissed.
Weasly's scared of a bunch of bad guys, but he acts brave while he runs.
You've gotta buy two tickets
Masked guy on a broom, swerve.
Run, throw, exploding.
Running, closer shot, cast a spell. DUCK!
Be careful with that stick, too late.
*pants*Okay time out. Oh thank god okay. Gotta catch my breath. Grabbing his face whatever. Okay go
Dragon take off, people running.
Downhill people running Fex!
Part 1, November running.
Chase that fire you wizards.
Look out Harry, too late got him.
Help him Ron(swing)
Part 2, July 2 burning.
People running backwards screaming.
Wave hand, upskirt, windy, kissing, Snape, cast spell, look, blow up the town.
Wizard lightning battle.
Zoom. Huge shiny P, then other letters come out!

message 3: by Harita (new)

Harita Mohan (goodreadscomharita) | 46 comments To Bethany
Hi, iam new.So i would like to make friends.Do u help me.

message 4: by Bethany (new)

Bethany Huang | 104 comments Mod
Sure, I'd love to help! Why don't you look around all of the common rooms and introduce yourselves to them?

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