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here is were u fight with sword1

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Sara and John ran over to the area. Sara got her sword out so did John. They looked at each other. "ready?'Sara asked
"Set?"John asked.
"Go!"they both yelled. it was their little tradition.
they started to fight hard.

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) Maris sat down in the amphtheater-like arena and watched the two.

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Sara and john were fighting for about 5 minutes when Sara disarmed him. "John hello!?"Sara asked. "I just won and it was only five minutes what happened to you?"she asked.
"Maris."was all he said

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) Maris smiled down at him and started towards them Riptide at her side.

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"great!"Sara thought. he is all googly eye over a girl!" she thought.

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) She pulled riptide out feeling it wel-balanced in her hands.

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"hi Maris."Sara said making her voice sound normal

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) Maris flashed her a knowing look.

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"Want to practice with us?"she asked.

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) Maris nodded. "Sure but no annoying Athena tricks."

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"fine no Hecate's annoying tricks."Sara said


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"Ok deal!"Sara said and stuck out her hand to shake.

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"John please practice with Maris, I will be right back."Sara said. She ran off towards C.C. "Ok continuing our discussion."Sara said

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"you seem like it it is normal for kids to hate their parents"Sara said.

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"yes i think so. You looked so unhappy at the Poseidon table."Sara commented.

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"Please tell."sara said

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"I don't know something. "Sara said throwing her hands up.

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"yes but why?" she asked.

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(g2g bye)

"It is my job to make sure evryone is happy.

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sara rolled her eyes. "want to join us?"she asked.

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Sara led the way were Maris and John were fighting.

"GO!"John shouted and swung his sword.

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"You can learn" sara said.

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) Horsefan101 wrote: ""fine no Hecate's annoying tricks."Sara said


"Nope no Hecate tricks besides Hecate has no relations to me," she grinned.

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John smiled. "ready set go!"he shouted. he trusted forwards with is sword!

"Let go."Sara said leading the way back over to the arena

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) Maris caught the blow with the edge of the blade and twisted.

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John ducked to dodge the blade. he shot his arm up and twisted it.

Sara had her sword out. "ready?" she asked.

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) Maris pulled back crouching down and swept one leg towards John's legs trying to unblance him.

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John jumper over the led. He swong his sword down.

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) Maris ducked under the blow and rolled behind him.

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John turned around quickly and raised his sword in defense.

"Are you ok?"Sara asked.

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) Maris did a back-hand slash at John twisting her body.

(9Don't go again))

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John reflected the sword and pushed it back to Maris

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) Maris pulled back and jumped to the side. She struck again towards his knees.

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John dodged the blow. he tucked and rolled around her.

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) Maris scooted back and whirled around. she slid under his legs and slashed upward.

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John dodged her legs jumping over them. He spun and sliced down.

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) Maris' sword shot upwards meeting John's blow.

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John tucked his sword down quickly and shot i under Maris sword.

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) Maris swerved away grabbing a sheild from a nearby rack.

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John saw her doing that and grabbed another shield.

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) Maris came at him and first hit his sheild sending sparks up and before a moment she hit his sword again twisting around his blade.

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John dived at the same time swiping his sword down be her feet.

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) Maris tripped flying forward onto her hands and knees.

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John brought his sword down hitting Marie's sword knocking out of her hand. "I win!"John said panting. He offered her his hand.

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) Maris took it and stood up shakily. "Thanks for knocking me down to the ground.

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"You asked for it."he said. "you ok though?' he asked seeing her stand shakily.

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) Maris nodded. "Metaphorically speaking."

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John smiled.

(what does Metaphorically mean)

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) ((not literally))
Maris grinned. "Wanna go down to the lake?"

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