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Winter Rose Phantom I'll summarize this one.

Winter Rose Phantom We need more posts in this one*Sweat drop*

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Winter Rose Phantom yeah.

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No reason really.

Winter Rose Phantom Ah well before i can write a summary we Need to roleplay more here

Winter Rose Phantom Okay so far in this rp;
We started out on the cross where Aiedail(first mate) and Gwen(second mate) are chatting and talking about how gross the food they've been eating for the past few days was. Then Aiedail asks the captian when they were going to land and he said 2 days but the next day the capt. gives Aiedail permission to sail them into the port which took a few hours to do then he and Gwen got off the boat to go eat real food. Then Gwen decides to go clothes shopping and Aiedail follows her.

And thats pretty much where we are now.

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