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Reading New Mexico

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message 1: by Leah (new)

Leah (killlashandra) | 1 comments Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if people wanted to maybe start a book club here about reading books that take place in or mention or are related to New Mexico.

Just curious.


message 2: by [deleted user] (last edited Aug 21, 2011 06:37PM) (new)

When I lived in Tijeras I started to read Willa Cather and also some books about Georgia O'Keeffe. Altho I had to move I am still very interested in NM.

Willa Cather
Georgia O'Keefe

message 3: by James (new)

James | 2 comments Mod
I just finished a novel, The Desert Remains by Charles Poling, set in northern NM. It earned high praise from Tony Hillerman when it was published. Here's my review:
Charles was a friend and classmate in my senior year of high school 35 years ago, and we'd lost touch after that - he recently tracked me down on LinkedIn, and I noticed on his profile there that he'd written this book. It's one of the best novels I've read in quite a while.

message 4: by Elicia (new)

Elicia I think that is a great idea. I recently read The laws of Harmony by Judith Hendricks. It's a wonderful book. I'm currently reading Tularosa. I'm new to goodreads and am interested in following a book club.

message 5: by Jamie (new)

Jamie | 2 comments Loved this collection of poetry from New Mexico!

New Mexico Poetry Renaissance

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