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Aimee (Getting Your Read On) (gettingyourreadon) | 17 comments I am new to your group here at Goodreads. I'm always looking for great clean read ideas for my kids and myself.

I am part of a website that reviews books for adults and parents so they know what content is found in a book. It's very conservative reviewing but really gives you an idea what is in the book so you can make an informed decision. Ratings are given in four categories. Language, Violence, Sexual Content and Adult Themes.

If you are interested in checking the website out, it's found at

We frequently do book giveaways and you can request books for us to review. Our list of books is always growing. Check it out and let me know what you think!

message 2: by Tracy (new)

Tracy | 75 comments That web site looks awesome. Thanks for sharing it Aimee.

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Jeanne (jeanne_voelker) | 0 comments Aimee,

I like your literate mother website very much. I love that you give ratings and if there is a concern,it's easy for the readers to see exactly what the concern is. Also the recommended ages will be useful. I tutor children of all ages and people ask for reading recommendations all the time. I signed up to receive your updates on my yahoo account.

There's a new anthology -- just released three or four weeks ago-- for YA readers with ten stories from nine Goodreads authors. The download is free and the book, Unlocked is also available through Amazon. I am one of the contributing authors--my story is called "Unlocking William".

We would be very pleased if you would consider reviewing Unlocked on your blog. You can download a free copy at

Jeanne Voelker

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Jeanne (jeanne_voelker) | 0 comments I will be reading some of the stories from Unlocked and discussing them with students at public and private schools. We think the stories we have written are age appropriate for middle school and high school.

That said, I will have to decide which stories to read for middle school students and which might be more appropriate for high schoolers. Reviews from parents or teachers would be very helpful.


Aimee (Getting Your Read On) (gettingyourreadon) | 17 comments Jeanne, I am actually currently reading Unlocked! I wasn't reviewing it, just reading it for pleasure, but I will gladly go back and review what I have already done. I caught wind of it through another group on goodreads. So far I am enjoying it. I'll let you know when I've reviewed it and got something posted.

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Andrea | 13 comments I downloaded "Unlocked" the other day when I heard about it through here. I'm always looking for new appropriate stories for my 7th grader. Unfortunately I was immediately turned off when I skimmed the first story, "Assassin's Keeper," I read things about rape, murder, revenge, and the bloody mess of cleaning it all up. I haven't read any of the other nine stories yet, but to have "Assassin's Keeper" as the beginning story and try to promote it on "Goodreads" didn't make sense to me, sorry. I'll try to get past my bad first impression and read a few of the others, but so far I wouldn't recommend it as a clean read especially for middle school.

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Jeanne (jeanne_voelker) | 0 comments Aimee,

I'm glad you found Unlocked and are enjoying it. We definitely want reviews -- we can learn from them. If we should decide to do another YA anthology, the reviews of 'Unlocked' could give us some direction.

I gave my story, "Unlocking William", to my fourteen-year-old grandson to read. He read it, smiled, and said, "We like action, Grandma!"
He would probably prefer to read "The Assassins's Keeper", even though my story is funny and has a happy ending.

Thank you (in advance) for reading and reviewing.

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Jeanne (jeanne_voelker) | 0 comments Hi Andrea,

Thank you very sincerely for your feedback. We are looking for honest reviews -- what people like and what they don't like, and why. I agree with your opinion that "The Assassin's Keeper" isn't appropriate for children, and middle-school kids are children. On the other hand, I took my daughter to see Rigoletto when she was six years old, so it looks like my desire to protect children from life-and-death drama is inconsistent!

I hope you will read our other stories. I'm thinking of reading Wendy Swore's "Crop Circles" to middle school kids, but I haven't yet decided what to read to a high school class. I want to choose a story that will engage their attention and provide a good topic for discussion.

And since you have a son in seventh grade, Andrea, it would really help us to know which stories in Unlocked you would find appropriate for him.

Again, thank you for giving this your attention. Reader feedback is so important and valuable.

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