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message 1: by Teryl (new)

Teryl I am reading No Mercy and have some questions on things I have forgotten and thought I would ask the experts :)

1. Ash doesn't know that Nick is the Malachi right?

2. WHat exactly is the malachi again? Is it a god destroyer? Because I thought that was part of what Ash was.

3. Jared is the other malachi right? Is he still being held captive by Stryker's wife and daughter?

THe last DH book I read was Fang's book last year and I have forgotten a bunch.

message 2: by Colette (new)

Colette | 14 comments 1. Yes I believe that Ash is fully aware that Nick is the Malachi. Which is why he brings everyone in to protect him. Because he knows that because of being the Malachi Nick has a dark side and he is trying to keep him on the side of good. I think Ash just doesn't know how quickly Nick is getting his powers and all. But he sayd something in No Mercy to Nick about how one day he will have the power to Kill Ash but not today.

2. I don't think they have told us the whole story about the Malachi and what he is. He is the natural enemy of the Sephiroth (Jared) which is funny because Jared was called in to help guard Nick. IN one of the books they went over a little bit of the background but I can't remember which one. It talked about the Malachi and Sephiroth races and how they were derived straight from the source or something. and technically the Malachi are the bad ones and the Sephiroth were made to destroy them.

3. As stated above, Jared is a Sephiroth who are the enemies of the Malachi. And he is alive because Nick is. They have to have a balance in the universe so if one sephiroth is alive them that means one malachi is alive. He is not being held captive anymore because one of the old dream hunters traded something to set him free that he got from Jaden. SO technially he is enslaved to the dream hunter now but the dream hunter set him free and now Jared is helping out Acheron to guard Nick with the Dogs of War.

message 3: by Katie (new)

Katie (skateanddonate) | 31 comments 4. Have Dark Hunters lost their power and had their eyes change color, (become human so they can be a damsel that needs saving) in past books? I seem to remember they were always going on about why they chose to become a dark hunter and don't remember them loosing their powers while thinking about that. Am I forgetting something?

message 4: by Teryl (new)

Teryl thanks Colette for jarring my memory. I forgot that Jared was Nick's opposite. I must have not read the dream hunter book where Jared gets released.

4. I remember Kyrian's guy color changing when he lost his powers. It took a day until they returned.

5. A huge discrepancy I have noticed in No Mercy, many of the DH's have been hanging out with each other. WTH is that all about? What about their powers draining? THe power draining thing was even mentioned in the beginning of the book.

message 5: by Colette (new)

Colette | 14 comments Katie: I think there is a differnet way for each Dark Hunter to lose their powers and it's up to them to figure it out if they want their soul back. Kyrian lost his powers during sex I believe and for Sam it was seeing Dev in fighting to save her which reminded her of her husband. I don't remember the what the others had to do though.

Teryl: It's not a discrepency in No Mercy. They actually try to explain it by sying that the Dark Hunters in No Mercy (Same, Ethon, etc) are not just regular Dark Hunters. They are the Dogs of War. This means that Artemis liked them the best because they were the fiercest warriors so they have so much more power than the other Dark Hunters. With that being said, they do drain some power while being around one another, but since they ahve so much to begin with it really does not bother them. Sam talks about it once in No Mercy and I believe that they bring it up in the book that they are all originally introduced in.

message 6: by Teryl (new)

Teryl No that you say that Colette, I remember Sam talking about her having more power than most.

message 7: by Colette (new)

Colette | 14 comments Yeah it's kind of weird but I guess if she ever wanted to let Dark Hunters hang out together she had to make something up! I'm glad because with them being able to be around each other, and with some of the beginning characters not being DH anymore, everyone can come together and fight, etc like they did in BMR. It makes it easier.

message 8: by Rocket (new)

Rocket | 9 comments SK has said the dogs of war do drain eachother powers but they are so strong that they don't notice the loss of power. With that being said I think the dogs of war have to be real bad ass.I think sam's character should of been a lot tougher .in one of the early books when they explained about why two dark-hunters can't be together for long is that they drain eachothers powers so that they won't join forces to kill a god. With that being said I think sam could of handled her self in a one on one fight with lezaros. She only found her true power when dev had got notice when she found her true power she was human not a dark-hunter .so I think a lot of the book is just filler pages.also when I read the book I didn't think SK made dev as tough as she made him sound in other books. To me Z seems tougher than dev. I think for someone as strong as sam needed a stronger hero. And was it just me or did did anyone else notice that ash seemed jealous when he found out nick is sleeping with artemis? I kinda want him and artemis to get back together at this point it seems highly unlikely that it would happen because tory is carring ash's baby but I could still hope right? Lol sorry about my long post guys

message 9: by Colette (new)

Colette | 14 comments I agree that Z is tougher than Dev but I think he is supposed to be. I mean Z was a DH and is now a Demi-God or whatever. I feel like she makes the DHs a little more badass. :)

message 10: by Rocket (new)

Rocket | 9 comments But even before Z became a demi-god I still say was tougher than dev. Im just saying that for a dog of war sam's hero is a bit too weak

message 11: by Tara (new)

Tara | 142 comments As far as the Nick stuff, you should also start reading to Chronicles of Nick books as well. It seems that there are things unfolding in those books, although after just reading the first one, I'm not sure what effect they will have on or how they fit in to the DH storyline.

Oh and this is a spoiler form the end of Dream Warrior although I won't be able to read No Mercy until tomorrow (i'm so excited) so I don't know if it plays a part- Madoc is related to Nick. So Nick has some Dream Warrior blood in him as well.

message 12: by Teryl (new)

Teryl After Colette explained everything I realized I had Dream Warrior, but never read it, so I am reading it right now. I read Infinity and really liked it. I too feel like you will need to read the CON series along with the DH series in order to get all the information. Wow, Nick is going to be one powerful being!

message 13: by Jamie (new)

Jamie | 2 comments Okay so I just finished reading Seize the Night and I've gotta know when does Nick come back into the story?? I read the short story on him and I don't think I can stand it if he hates everyone that was once his friend. Please tell me there is hope for this story line.

message 14: by Cindyg (new)

Cindyg (brotherlover) | 248 comments Now Jamie you really don't what us to answer that do ya? It wouldn't be fair to you if we gave up the answers.

message 15: by Jamie (new)

Jamie | 2 comments I know I shouldn't want to know, but its killing me!

message 16: by Cindyg (new)

Cindyg (brotherlover) | 248 comments Yes, but that's half the excitement...I'm so glad you are so intrigued and in to the series.

message 17: by Joanne (new)

Joanne Rocket wrote: "But even before Z became a demi-god I still say was tougher than dev. Im just saying that for a dog of war sam's hero is a bit too weak"

He is definitely not as strong as her but I don't think he needs to be. She is strong enough for herself. He balances her out with his humour. So I think they do work very well as a pair.

message 18: by Dhfan4life, Honey Bun (new)

Dhfan4life | 10411 comments I do think they balance each other as well. Cause Dev brings out animal and well were strength and his version of know how. But Sam has the more womanly/humanly strength in her own right. However I think Dev had a bit of a lackluster moment figuring out that riddle though. He just seemed not as smart to me. But he has his moments though of getting it together.

message 19: by Missyb (new)

Missyb | 35 comments Teryl wrote: "thanks Colette for jarring my memory. I forgot that Jared was Nick's opposite. I must have not read the dream hunter book where Jared gets released.

4. I remember Kyrian's guy color changing wh..."

They lose some of their powers after the stone is placed on their mark by their mate, I think it was just their immortality, but their skills are still there.
The Dark Hunters can hang together but the longer they are together the more power they lose, but if they are not attacked then it doesn't matter. If they were attacked after they were in close proximinty to each other for a extended amount of time, then it would come into play.

message 20: by Missyb (new)

Missyb | 35 comments Rocket wrote: "SK has said the dogs of war do drain eachother powers but they are so strong that they don't notice the loss of power. With that being said I think the dogs of war have to be real bad ass.I think ..."

Z & dev are two different critters. Z is a fighter & killer and Dark Hunter, Dev is a shifter. He has not been out hunting bad guys, he's been doing security.

message 21: by Dhfan4life, Honey Bun (new)

Dhfan4life | 10411 comments Bouncing the riff raff counts for dealing with the bad guys in one way or another.

message 22: by Dhfan4life, Honey Bun (new)

Dhfan4life | 10411 comments I agree Dinique. Especially as she played the "I just need a friend" role like she did with Ash all over again with Nick. I mean it was as well played as the spider inviting the fly into the parlour, lol.

message 23: by Will (new)

Will | 2 comments In the new chronicles of nick book, Inferno, Ash tells nick how the malachi came and how they relate to the sephiroth, apparently one of the dark primordial goddesses had a child with her sephiroth, who became the first malachi, and even though the malachi fought for evil, they themselves were just like any other being, they could be good or evil, depending on the individual, and it was the deal made after the war where only one malachi and one sephiroth would live is what made the malachi pure evil, as they tricked the original into killing his pregnant wife. So Jared, the last sephiroth who was the one who betrayed his kind to the malachi, is supposed to be the only one with the power to stop a fully powered malachi, which is what nick is supposed to become. Although, in chronicles of nick, it is shown that nick is unlike any malachi before, his father loved his mother, and his mother loved him, and is human, normally malachi are born from parents who hate each other, and is hated by their parents, and are always part goddess or another kind of demon, not human, so nick has a chance of not being the ultimate evil. I'm not sure how chronicles of nick will connect with the Dark Hunters series, since its about a changing past, but it goes really in depth about the malachi.

message 24: by Denise (new)

Denise (justplainme) I just read that, this is more info than we have ever gotten about the Malachai/Sephiroth. I'm just disappointed that she seems to have dropped the whole thing in the DH books and is carrying it over into the CON books.

I am wondering if Braith is the goddess? Seems like it was mentioned in Time Untime (?) that she was imprisoned & no on knew she had a son.

message 25: by Denise (new)

Denise (justplainme) Here is something I have wondered - In OSN Jared was supposed to kill Nick. Menyara tells Zephyra that if he does that, Jared will die too. Now, in Time Untime, Nick tells Ash that(view spoiler) So, how can he do that and not kill himself? Won't that put things out of balance?

message 26: by Shari-amor, Doll Cake (new)

Shari-amor | 5271 comments Well to me it makes sense getting the info about The malachai in the chronicles because in DH books, Nick knew nothing of his past or really anything about his father. He was never suppose to know. The people who are training him in the DH books don't really know about the malachai history except Jared and I don't think he's talking. In the chronicles he's learning about himself as a teenager with the knowledge of his ancestry and hes being trained by an individual who was there from the beginning. IMO that makes sense.

message 27: by Shari-amor, Doll Cake (new)

Shari-amor | 5271 comments I think Will explained it best. Nick isnt like Malachai before him. He doesnt fit the mold and the same rules wouldn't apply to him. He's going to be way too powerful to stop

message 28: by Denise (new)

Denise (justplainme) Shari-amor wrote: "Well to me it makes sense getting the info about The malachai in the chronicles because in DH books, Nick knew nothing of his past or really anything about his father. He was never suppose to know...."

True, true, I hope knowing all this beforehand will cause him to change and not be like his father.

message 29: by Will (new)

Will | 2 comments Nicks father was an evil bastard, although being born to a father that hated him, a mother who sold him into slavery, and then spending centuries being a slave and tortured by Noir, and the only person he's ever loved loves the one destined to kill him more, I can kind of see why he's evil, and in CON, he shows that he regrets what he did to nicks mom, and even though he was dying he promised her that he'd protect her no matter what, even as she told him how much she hated him. He gave nick his powers so that nick could make sure his mom would always be safe, so now nick has his own powers, which haven't all awakened yet, and his fathers full powers, the full powers of a mature malachi, so he's now got the power of 2 malachi, or he will when his his full powers awaken, but when he reaches maturity he will be twice as strong as he should be, which means even Jared can't stop him

In CON, nick is visited by his future self, from centuries after he became a Dark Hunter, he's warned to not trust ash, to never ever ever ever touch simi, and to only really trust his mom and kyrian. Future Nick, who goes by Ambrose, his middle name, tells his young self that he never knew about his powers when he was younger, how they awakened later in his life, that his father was already dead when he was a teenager, and that his mothers death will make him a Dark Hunter, so it's the future DH series nick is talking to CON nick.

But he's gone back in time and tried it a few times before, and now the timelines are all messed up, even though any new scars nick gains appear on his future self, for some reason, in CON, nicks dad is alive when he should have been dead by then, he now has a centuries old half brother who DH nick never had, his mother is no longer a stripper and works at a restaurant, he knows about the preternatural world a lot sooner, and there are people who nick knows that his future self doesn't, which shouldn't be possible, and decisions nick makes now are affecting how fast his future self succumbs to the malachi's darkness. Also, now he has two very powerful demons, one of which was one of the top generals in the first war of the gods who's full strength is supposed to, according to him, rival Jared's, bound to him. So the future nick is the nick from the DH series, but centuries later.

CON is getting more interesting, it's got the history of the Malachi and Sephiroth, it's got Dark Hunters, Were Hunters, Hell Chasers, and it's either altering the history of the DH series, or, if thorn is correct, its totally screwing up and combining two different universes that aren't supposed to come together

message 30: by Shari-amor, Doll Cake (new)

Shari-amor | 5271 comments I think you've summed it all up Will :-)

message 31: by Dhfan4life, Honey Bun (new)

Dhfan4life | 10411 comments I've been lightly skimming this thread. And I really gotta get into the 4th book before I comment on all this great chit-chat. Thanks for sharing so many insightful points Will and everybody. :)

message 32: by Shari-amor, Doll Cake (new)

Shari-amor | 5271 comments yes you must read. Then come back to discuss :-D

message 33: by Mauaqui (new)

Mauaqui | 42 comments I bought all of Nicks Con books. The storyline is interesting and fast paced. What I don't understand is what Ambrose/Nick trying to do. Is he trying to change his destiny? Is all this taking place in alternate universes, yesterday , now and future? I am confused

message 34: by Shari-amor, Doll Cake (new)

Shari-amor | 5271 comments Yes he's trying to keep himself from coming the ultimate evil. He has tried numerous times to alter his destiny but has failed. The ConSeries is his last attempt to change it because he only has a chard of humanity left. If he fails this time, thats it for the world

message 35: by Shari-amor, Doll Cake (new)

Shari-amor | 5271 comments And yes this is another universe. The Conseries is what "Nicks" life should of been in the first place if Ash hadnt of accidently cursed him

message 36: by Will (new)

Will | 129 comments Apparently, Kenyon has said that CON is the real and true past of Nick, and that CON is both a prequel and sequel series to DH, and that at one point the two books will meet in time, and in the later DH books, people like Ash and Sav have noticed that something is happening in the universe, but they don't really have an idea of what they're sensing.

In the most recent book, we learned about the 7 generals of the Malachi, and two of them now fight for Nick, and one of those two is apparently one of the most dangerous ancient gods of all time, and fought in the war at the beginning of time, he's cursed and had his wings clipped. Also, the ones who took over for the sephiroth as the celestial guardians are prepared to destroy the universe as long as they take Nick with them, which is strange since the guardians are going to destroy the world and the Malachi and his generals are fighting to save it.

We also found out that Nekoda isn't just one of the new celestial guardians, an Arel, but a Nekoda, a warrior chosen to be resurrected to fight, she was also a demi-goddess, and the daughter of Styxx, and the only warrior to ever stand toe to toe and drive back the Ambrose Malachi, until he killed her in a moment of weakness.

And in this book, Nick seemed to have full control of his powers, which when combined with his fathers, seemed to have awakened more of his powers, so he's now much stronger than his father, who apparently was 3 times stronger than the original Malachi, who was able to completely dominate Caleb, who views himself equal to Jared, which basically means Nick is badass, I doubt even Ash and Savitar together could stop him now, especially with 2 of the 7 generals, an Aamon demon, which is apparently a very high demon class that can even scare Caleb, a Nekoda Arel, chosen to become an Arel because of her skills as a warrior and also happens to be a god, and Caleb Malphas, who is half mid level demon and half god and had the most kills in the primus bellam, the war between the six primoridal gods, of anyone besides Jared, plus Menyara is a goddess and relative of Nekoda and seems to have blessed Nick with some of her power, as he was able to use a healing spell she used on him as a baby when his demon half almost killed him, which should be impossible because a Malachi shouldn't be able to heal.

Nick was hit by the full powers of both himself and his father, and was able to see everything the way Ash and Sav can, which was a new power he gained, and with all that power, the temptation of the primoridal gods of darkness, and in full Malachi form, he was able to completely control himself, and make a Malachi General of an alternate universe that was able to take down Ash and Sav look like a weak Biatch.

Also in this book, Noir and his sister found and marked Nick, which means that they will soon be coming for him, and Nicks father saved Nick and helped teach him about his powers, and Nick finally made peace with who his father was and what made him that way.

Now Nick has accepted his destiny and is ready to fight, he's the strongest Malachi of all time(I think based on what they've described his father as and he has all those powers and then some), he has powerful allies who's powers rival both his own and Jared's that will die for him, Nekoda almost killed Ambrose and she is in love with him, Caleb claims to be equal to Jared, and he's bound to Nick, Zared I believe his name is, is an Aamon, a demon that even scares Caleb, is also bound to Nick. Plus Nick is gathering the 7 generals of the Malachi, two of which already fight for him, one of them is an ancient got that scares Caleb and Nekoda with is past and how dangerous he can be. With these allies, and the new control over his powers, Nick is determined to not only not be captured by Noir and his sister, but beat them, and use his powers of darkness to fight darkness and become the savior of the future.

Ray (warrior of randomness) XP | 1837 comments Wow you pretty much summed it all up.

do u think. Menyara screwed things up for Nick by binding his powers in the first place?

message 38: by Will (new)

Will | 129 comments I don't think so, imagine everyone who has come after him, and what would have happened if they found baby nick with no kyrian, ash, caleb, etc. to protect him

Ray (warrior of randomness) XP | 1837 comments maybe but Nick's powers being released was bound to happen

Ray (warrior of randomness) XP | 1837 comments lets not forget that Apollyimi tried to protect her son Ash by binding his powers. and look what happened to him ..

message 41: by Will (new)

Will | 129 comments The problem wasn't.that his powers were bound,'s that they were unbound too late, if ash got his powers like nick did,.as a teenager and with.teachers, he wouldn't have ended he is now

message 42: by Will (new)

Will | 129 comments I want to see ashs reaction to nicks true nature in.the con books

message 43: by Will (new)

Will | 129 comments So according to nicks dad, not even jared can stop nick now

message 44: by Will (new)

Will | 129 comments Also,.jared isn't just the last sephiroth, he was the captain and strongest member of the group.made up of the 10 strongest sephiroth, or seraphii plural, and he was the father of.the original malachi, and made the deal.that only one sephiroth and malachi would live to save his son,.and in doing so.betrayed his kind

So maybe he doesn't want to hurt nick because he's like his many greats grandpa?

message 45: by Dhfan4life, Honey Bun (new)

Dhfan4life | 10411 comments Dude Will can I get a copy of the flow chart you have. O_O Hats off to ya on keeping it all so straight.

message 46: by Will (new)

Will | 129 comments Thanks, i love the dh and con series a lot, and i like how they are connected, i can't wait to see malachi nick meet jared, and how ash will react to nicks true nature, and how thorn and seth, the closest thing nicks dad had to a friend that he betrayed to escape noir, will play into it all, i actually only started reading the dh series a couple months ago, i started with.con, but I'm almost caught up, only 4 more to go, plus one more short story

message 47: by Dhfan4life, Honey Bun (new)

Dhfan4life | 10411 comments That's great. I've been with the series since Night Pleasures of the DH series. And yet and still so much of it falls through the cracks for me at times. So definitely impressive. :)

message 48: by Will (new)

Will | 129 comments Plus nick has a half brother, adarians son that he didn't even know about, he's the son of adarian malachi and a goddess, so.he's god in full right who's had centuries to mature and maste his powers, his demon nature has been hidden as dark forces couldn't find him, they said this was because zeus hid him by taking away his emotions, and he's the next in line to.become the malachi if nick ever dies,.or if he ever drink enough.of nicks blood, he's.the reason nekoda didn't want to kill nick if she could help it, because a Malachi with godhood and knew how to use his powers is a lot tougher than fledgling nick.

Anyone know who this broth could be? Most likely.greek, no emotions, few centuries old, hidden demon nature?

I want to see if he embraces nick like a brother,.or.tries to take his powers

message 49: by Will (new)

Will | 129 comments Thanks, but the dh.word that she built is so massive,.some things confuse me, like how nekoda is urians younger sister,.the daughter of styxx and menyaras.grand or great.grand daughter, and that nicks original.future wife died in her store the same night he did, i can't for.the life of me remember who that was

message 50: by Shari-amor, Doll Cake (new)

Shari-amor | 5271 comments Nick half brother is one of the dream hunters. the major one. I forget his name though. Madoc I believe it is. It never gave a name but Jared confronted Madoc about being related to Nick and then Adarian found out he had another son that was one of the oneroi but didn't have the malachai powers

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