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Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 762 comments Mod
What was your charried final words? if you find it particuarly memorable, fell free to post it here. We can see which charrie had the most memorable final words...

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"Yeah..." Wren's breath caught in her throat fast. She coughed and groaned. "Fyrenn...I don't think I can hold on much longer." she whispered.

"Then die," Fyrenn replied quietly, "I don't want you to suffer longer, suffer in pain. I'll die after you."

Wren nodded, her heart rate slowing. "You don't have to you know..."

"It's the same if I have to continue to live," Fyrenn replied quietly.

Wren didn't answer. Instead, she brought herself up, kissed his lips one more time and then fell back, smiling.
The cannon fired.

A tear dropped from Fyrenn's eye. He turned to leave, so the hovercraft could pick up her body. As he walked into the woods, two eyes watching him, one red, one amber, jumped out and beheaded him.
The cannon fired.

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((Sorry Charlie...I kinda added Fyrenn's death too...XD))

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Briaq  (briaq) | 23 comments Remember Rockie? He was like: "" and then he died.

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Brandon's "I love you" LOL!!!

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☀☄★Fierox, the Fox of Fire★☄☀ wrote: "Remember Rockie? He was like: "" and then he died."

Ah man...yeah...XD

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