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Xerxes Break(Vivian Ephona) (ephona) This is kind of a lesser known manga/anime. But I really enjoy it! It came out in the late 1900-early 2000 so that's probably why.

It's about a girl named Mayura who absolutely loves mysteries. She happens to run into an actual detective but it turns out that he's actually a young kid with his guardian who is a spaz and likes to cook and take care of him. What she doesn't know is that the detective, who goes by Loki, is the Norse god Loki who was banished to earth in a child's body.

People have compared it to Detective Conan so, yes, it has the random mysteries throughout the series as well as a large plot consisting of why the heck Loki was banished from Asgard.

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i just saw three of these volumes for sale in a used book store....

it sounds really cool though, i'll have to look into it.

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