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Emma (youthofwisdom) | 319 comments Mod
The big House

Antje གརས པཅ Parker Diyonisus started playing pinochle with Chiron

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Aββzβook  (life2therockers) "What is this place?" Drew asked, walking into the Big House.
"The Big House. What else?" Atlanta said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.
"Okay.... but... what the heck is this place. I saw a little cabin but... this place has temples! It's like they came right out of our history book..." Drew said, speechless.
Atlanta looked at Drew and calmly said, "We are our history book."
Drew looked at her, obviously confused. "That didn't make any sense."
"It won't..."

Antje གརས པཅ Parker "I WIN!"

Antje གརས པཅ Parker "What is it Altisia?

Antje གརས པཅ Parker "Fine Alikina"

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Soon Luce banged through the door and gasped for air when she stopped in front of Drew.
When she finally got her breath she said, " Dude, something is very very different about you!" After another intake of breath she collapsed to the floor with a thud.

Antje གརས པཅ Parker "What's wrong with Lacey" he said very calmly

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Aββzβook  (life2therockers) Drew looked startled, but then kneeled down next to the new person who came into the big house.

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Aββzβook  (life2therockers) "Drew," Drew said. "And Atlanta--" Drew looked over his shoulder, only to see no one was there, "has disappeared again..." he sighed.

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Aββzβook  (life2therockers) "I'm not sure..." Drew said, thinking. "I just got here and was told I'm a demi... something..."

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9wait i thought drew was up at the camp boundary with sara talking?)

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"Ugh, I feel so horrible. Why are you guys looking at me like that?" said Luce as she sat up from the ground. She rubbed her eyes and said, " And when did the floor ever become bed because I really don't remember moving..." Luce stood up and started swaying from side to side and soon steadied herself.

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"Who are you? " Luce said looking straight at Drew.

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Aββzβook  (life2therockers) "Drew," Drew said, getting to his feet. "Glad to see you're okay!"

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Emma (youthofwisdom) | 319 comments Mod
"Thanks I am ok." replied Luce. " Oh and I am Luce the proud daughter of Apollo!" she exclaimed.

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"Are you undecided?" asked Luce in a curious way.

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Aββzβook  (life2therockers) "Yeah, I guess you could say that..." Drew said. "I just figured all this stuff out... today...."

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"Oh well, break a leg dude!" Luce said as she walked out still dizzy. But before she walked out the door she turned around very fast and said, " Do NOT take that literally though!!" and she gave him her blazing smile and sprinted of to Archery class.

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(( Be back in 10 min))

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Aββzβook  (life2therockers) ((Okay))
"Thanks... I think..." Drew said, confused.

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Aββzβook  (life2therockers) Atlanta appeared behind Drew.
"Oh MY gosh! How'd you do that?!" Drew asked, amazed.
"Daughter of Erebos. I can do that," she said, rolling her eyes. She looked at the girl standing across from Drew. "I'm Atlanta," she said, her violet eyes scanning the girl.
"Hey, what's that?" Drew said, pointing to the glowing image above his head. "Is that a peacock?!"
"Hera...." Atlanta muttered.

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(pretend Sara was in there already)

Sara gasped. "HERA!?"she said then gasped. "Wow!Sara said amazed. Normally Zeus cheated on Hera not the other way around. "Well Drew I think your a child of Hera."Sara said looking at Drew.

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Aββzβook  (life2therockers) "Wait, isn't she the goddess of marriage??" Drew asked.

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As Luce sprinted toward her cabin she thought about how something different was going on. That camper Drew is different. It's like he wasn't supposed to be born. The only answer is that his parent caused him this mess!

((Alright let's have it get toward the evening so we can eat in the mess hall!))

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Aββzβook  (life2therockers) ((okay!))

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Sara just tared. Yes Hera is the goddess of marriage."Sara said. Suddenly the sound of the horn sounded. "Time for dinner."Sara said and ran outside.

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Aββzβook  (life2therockers) Drew followed close behind. "Doesn't that mean I'm not supposed to be born?"

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(( Go to campfire we already had dinner))

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Aββzβook  (life2therockers) ((okay))

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"i don't know and I hate not knowing"Sara said. "it doesn't matter as long as your safe."Sara said. She blushed realizing how stupid that ways.

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Aββzβook  (life2therockers) Drew paused and said, "Thanks." He grinned. "Good to know someone cares!"

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Eve (emusings) "see's right. as long as you don't have any gods trying to kill you then you should be fine"

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(down at campfire!)

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(it is ok drew Atlanta and sara are in the woods. drew just made a monster stop charging oh they just met liz)

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) (I here what did I miss)

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(now everyone is heading off to their cabins because there is a half hour left till bed)

Liz walked into the Big House. "Chiron?'she called.

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) (okay)

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"Yes?"Chiron asked coming out of a room.

Hello, I am Elizabeth a huntress of Artemis."Liz said

"Yes I know I have met you before."Chiron said.

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"We have?"Liz asked. Chiron nodded. " That is for a different time thought what is the goddess message?"Chiron asked. Liz reached into her bag which she always carried. She handed it to Chiron who read it. Liz waited and petted Zach.

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Chiron nodded his head. "well then welcome to Camp Half Blood!"Chiron said warmly. "Your cloths and items are in your cabin alone with food and a place for Zach."Chiron said. Sara nodded. "thanks Chiron."she said as she walked out.

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Luce walked in and said," Chiron, I've got a message from the gods."
Chiron looked up from his book and asked with a worried face,
" What is it? Oh I hope it isn't to bad."
" Well let's say Zeus is not quite happy with Hera's offspring. Drew. Infact he was the one who sent all those monsters after him. I think we have a very WANTED camper on our hands." Luce reported back at Chiron. Chiron sighed and replied,
" That is what i feared. We MUST get this boy some training. In ALL weapons."
" I will be able to help Drew with archery but I fear I won't be much help in sword fighting." Luce offered.
" Alright, I will get someone to help. Wake him up early tomorrow.We MUST start right away." Chiron declared and went back to his book.

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Luce nodded and slowly walked out the door. She wasn't quite tired yet so she walked to the LAKE to think.
((Continued on LAKE))

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Emma (youthofwisdom) | 319 comments Mod

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((hey! i can teach drew sword fighting))

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Aββzβook  (life2therockers) ((k...he'll need it.... :P))

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(scarlet who is your greek parent)

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((apollo, but im a good sword fighter too))

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Spencer walked into the big house and set the girl on the table gently. "What should we do with her?"

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Aββzβook  (life2therockers) Atlanta walked in silently. "I don't know..." she said.

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