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Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 762 comments Mod
((rp in the Victors Village here))

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Instead of how they have it in the books, the Victor's Village is all just one city/town sort of thing that all of the Victor's live in. No matter the district.

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 762 comments Mod
((Some of the old posts:))

message 623: by LunaBeth

"Okay, I have to watch my siblings for awhile...I'll see you tomorrow." Lillie kissed his forehead and stood up. She walked to her house.

message 624: by LunaBeth

((Are Kovar and Reswyn brothers? Or friends?))

message 625: by Cerulea

((Kovar and Reswyn are sort of brothers, and friends. Biologically, they're not related, but they've been together for so long that they're practically brothers.))

"See you," Tyrel replied.

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((Oh okay))

Lillie went up to her house and heard the screams of her sister. She took her sister away from the arms of her mom and put her mom to bed. She rocked her sister and tried to calm her down.

message 627: by Ventus, Terra, and Aqua

Mockingjay wrote: "((Oh okay))

Lillie went up to her house and heard the screams of her sister. She took her sister away from the arms of her mom and put her mom to bed. She rocked her sister and tried to calm her d..."

Tosh woke up in his bed.

message 628: by LunaBeth

Once her sister had stopped crying and was asleep, she put her to bed. Lillie sat on a couch and thought about things.

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Tosh woke up silently at 3 am and walked outside.

message 630: by LunaBeth

Lillie walked to the town square. She went to the fountain and sat at the edge.

message 631: by Ventus, Terra, and Aqua

Tosh was cold, but he walked to the town square and saw lillie.

message 632: by LunaBeth

Lillie held up her head in a wave to Tosh.

message 633: by Cerulea

Tyrel washed his face with water, still unsure of his mind back. He decided to take a walk, and ran into Tosh and Lillie.

message 634: by LunaBeth

"Tyrel!" Lillie jumped off the fountain and walked over to him.

message 635: by Ventus, Terra, and Aqua

Tosh saw Tyrel and Lillie. He sighed and sat down below a tree.

message 636: by Cerulea

"Hello," Tyrel said simply to Lillie, and went over to Tosh. "I'm sorry."

message 637: by LunaBeth

Lillie raised an eyebrow.

message 638: by Cerulea

"You okay?" Tyrel pressed on.

message 639: by Ventus, Terra, and Aqua

NicoDess wrote: ""You okay?" Tyrel pressed on."

"I'm alright." He said, his tone bare.

message 640: by Cerulea

((GAY PART!! HAHAHAH!! Got your attention! ^^))

"You need a girlfriend," Tyrel confirmed, "Let's go find you one."

message 641: by LunaBeth

((wait...whats gay?))

Lillie's eyebrow got higher.

message 642: by Ventus, Terra, and Aqua

((idk mockingjay))

He raised his eyebrows but didn't protest. He followed Tyrel.

((perfect song for hunger games:

message 643: by LunaBeth

"Um, okay. See you guys...later?" Lillie called and walked to her house.

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Tosh followed Tyrel to wherever he was taking him.

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Lillie opened the door and walked into the chaos. She sighed and began cleaning the front room.

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After she was done cleaning the house she put her mom and siblings to bed. She sat on her bed, thinking about Tyrel.

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(S)  | 885 comments ARENA 4....

Mara climbed off the train, everyone was gathered to meet them. "Daren?" she said, looking back for him.

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Suziie walked off her train, smiling brightly. Her smile soon became a frown as none of her family came to greet her. A numorus amount of press washed over her. "Phil? Lil?" She called out, peering through the press. She became teary as she couldn't find her brother and sister. Maybe they've forgotten she was alive just like the others will too. "Did it hurt you when Taki died?" A reporter asked. There you go. A dagger right through the heart.

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(S)  | 885 comments ((Are they together?))

Mara put an arm around Suziie. "Buzz off." she growled at the reporter.

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((I think they all should.))

Suziie smiled a little, narrowing her eyes towards the floor. She pushed her way out of the crowd, desperately looking for her brother and sister when something caught her eye. "Welcome back, Suziie." Toot said, having an evil grin on his face. This was the same grin Toot had on when he wanted to experiment on her. "What are you doing here?" She whispered, her heart racing. "Taking you home." He muttered, grabbing her arm.
Toot was the Capitol's genetic scientist.
Suziie's memories were washing over her as she remembered those cold nights in a cage.

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(S)  | 885 comments ((ok!))
Mara didn't let go. "Suz, let's wait for Daren." she said, looking in the crowd for her family.

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Toot raised an eyebrow. "She is mine now, young lady. Whether she stays or goes, it is up to me." He pushed Suziie in front of him. Suziie's face was filled with horror. "Now it's time to take you back home with your family. Your home. Where you were raised."

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(S)  | 885 comments Mara placed a hand on Toot's shoulder. "I dont think you should be touching her." she voice was as slick as ice. "She doesn't seem to like you too much."

Just at the moment Raj pushed through the crowd. "Mara!" he yelled. Mara looked back at him. "Rajj?" She whisered. Rajj ran up and embraced her. "Thank god Mara." He said, letting go. "You must be Suziie." He said, looking down at her. He was a very handsome boy, and looked nothing like Mara. "What's wrong?" he asked, looking at them both.

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Toot placed a hand on Suziie's shoulder, reaching in in his pocket. He pulled out a badge. "I think I can. I have authority to do so because I am a scientist for the Capitol."

Suziie stayed stiff, not able to talk or to move. She looked at Mara for help. Help me.

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(S)  | 885 comments Rajj's face went darker then Mara's. "Rajj, can yuo find Daren?" Mara said, lot lifting her gaze from Toot. "Mara- yes." he dissapeared into the crowd, looking for Daren, wildly. He looked nothing like the Rajj in the arena

Mara cocked her head at toot. "I have no simponly for the Capital after now. Never did. If you know what's good for you, i'd recomend you leave." she said, her voice so cold, it almost made her shiver.

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((, I feel like an idiot...I didn't read it all before I didn't realize those people were there w/ them :PP))

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Lillie looked out the window while rocking her brother. Has it already been a year? she wondered after seeing the new people.

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☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) | 841 comments Daren had been in a different part of the train. ((idk!?)) He walked out and was immediately crowded by press. He just shook his head. "I'm sorry, I'll be able to answer your questions later, but right now, I just need to settle down."
The reporters nodded and the camera men backed off, leaving him a space to go through. "Mara?!" He called over the rest of the crowd. "Suziie?"

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Toot smiled evilly at Mara. "Young lady, I have the rights to execute you right now in front of everyone. Suziie is mine. She isn't like you filthy humans. In her mind, there are a lot of things going on at once. That survival attempt was a complete mishap. She isn't programed to care. It's because of you people that she's like this!" He yelled, his jaw tightened. "But no matter. I shall take her to the lab to do some final tests." He pointed at Suziie. "She was suppose to be the only one to win. And that it shall stay." Toot walked off, leaving Suziie there in front of everyone. His grip still left the mark on her arm. It stung her. It was like a tattoo. It was never coming off.
Suziie stood there for a while, looking up ahead. The streets crowded with more reporters and press taking pictures of her. One reporter yanked himself in front of the crowd. "Suziie! Suziie; the monster of the Capitol!" He yelled, clumsily taking out his camera. Suziie didn't have the strength to leap out at him and yank his head free. She was a monster. As more pictures flashed on her, she simply sat there on the ground, her eyes glowing red. She willed herself not to do anything that will kill those reporters. You gotta be a monster to look like one.

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) | 841 comments Daren followed the flow of the reporters. "Hey! Back off! You can get the story when Ceaser's interviewing us again! Back it up!" He reached out and grabbed Suziie's hand. "Hey..." He said, a little bit softer. His voice was a whisper to her over the crowd. "Come on, Suziie. Let's get out of here." His touch was gentle as to not frighten her any more than she seemed to be.

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((I'm going to start doing this in 1stPOV))

I quickly nodded my head and got up. Daren was sooo nice and so was Mara. Why were people so mean? I did nothing wrong. I was just born a monster. That's how everyone knew me as. Suziie; The Monster of the Capitol.
I couldn't even find my brother and sister here. Where are they? They should be here. I wonder if mom is here too, though I doubt it. Mommy is so mean to me. She's the reason why I'm a monster. I hope she isn't mean to Phil and Lil. If I find out she's done something mean to them, I swear I'll cut her fingers off one by one and--I giggled out loud. Seeing my mom is pain made me laugh out loud. Why was this so funny? She deserves this. She made me sleep in a cage. She put in that Lab because she didn't want me. Toot paid her money to donate me for research. I was never loved. I never will be.

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) | 841 comments Daren smiled a little. "Mara?" He asked, not seeing her anywhere. He wondered if she'd gone looking for him.

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"Marrrrraaaaaa?" I called out, cupping my hands so it would sound louder. "Mara? DAREN'S LOOKING FOR YOU!" I shot out, hopping around like an idiot. Man, this was fun. I jumped up and down several more times. It sort of looked like a dance. I continued jumping around. I started using one leg instead of two. Bad choice. I ended up falling down and skinned my knee, but it was okay. I was having fun again. Something I haven't had in a long time.

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) | 841 comments Daren chuckled. "You okay, Suziie? You should be a little more careful."

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I smile and nod. "Yes, I'm okay. I was just having a little fun."

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) | 841 comments Daren shook his head. "Well try to have a little less fun, okay?"

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(S)  | 885 comments Mara had been pushed back by the crowd. She was bombared by microphone, yelling for Daren and Suziie and Rajj. One greedy reporter grabbed her arm and tried to drag her. Her fist was to his face faster than she thought. Everyone kinda backed away, someone had found her. Someone she ready for. her father stood in front of her, everyone circled away, expecting a giant reunion.

Rajj found Daren by Suziie and Toot, he looked nothing like the Rajj in the arena. "Where's Mara?" he asked, sticking his hand out to Rajj.

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) | 841 comments ((toot left....))

Daren shook his head. "I don't know. I can't find h-" He saw a circle of reporters backing away and looked at Suziie. "Stay here with him. I've got to check something out." He gave Suziie's hand to Rajj, then pushed his way trough the reporters. He'd just seen Mara, when he also noticed a large man on the other side of the circle. He waited to see where this was going, but he was right on the edge so that he could jump in at any time.

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(S)  | 885 comments Rajj followed him, because he didn't know what else to do. Mara glared at the man, as Rajj was peering over a reporter and suddenly went ridged. "Daren-" he started, petrified at the sight.

"You have the-"Mara started. But the man cut her off with bitter laughter. She was 6 centimeters shorter then him. The man had the same stunning bright eyes as Mara, but as icy blue as Aarons. It was easy to tell he had been in great shape at one time in his life. "Semara Jade, you made it back." he said. "You live yet another day- I was starting to think you'd abandonded you beloved family." Mara started toward him, and started in with a punch, that was close, till at the last moment he blocked and twisted her arm back, punching her across the face. Her nose blead, and camera flashed away. "Mara!" Rajj started, taking a step in. "STAY AWAY!" Growled the father, and Rajj was too petrified to move. Mara stood tall again, trying despretly to control her anger.

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) | 841 comments Daren twisted with anger. Mara, get out of there...

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(S)  | 885 comments The Man looked at the Cameras. "look at your amazing Victor, her own lover shot her!" Some of the reportes laughed. "Father." Mara said, stepping toward him. "You deserve what my companions got. And i will never step down. You. will. not. win." He scowled and took a swing, but she ducked and shooved him away.

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) | 841 comments Daren shook his head. Mara! Get out of there! I don't want you to get hurt anymore.... But he couldn't say it. If he did, he'd be entering the fight himself. He sighed. He stepped out and took her wrist. "Mara.... we have to go."

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(S)  | 885 comments Mara looked at him, then at her wrist, then around her. "Yeah." she said, looking at Rajj, who was at her side. They started away, but Rajj's shoulder was grabbed and he was swung around and his father punched him in the eye.

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) | 841 comments Daren saw the move before it came out of the corner of his eye. He was just to slow to stop it. "What do you have against your children?! Your daughter just came back from the Hunger Games, a trial of death, and yet you continue to hurt the people who should be closest to you!" He pulled Rajj away and stepped between them. "Mara, take your siblings to my house. "My brother should be waiting there for me. I want him to know I'm okay, and I want you to be okay."

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(S)  | 885 comments "Daren." Rajj said warningly. "This isn't your fight." His face showed anger. "I've taken you for the last 2 weeks, Mara's been doing it for years!" he growled. Mara put a hand on her brother shoulder. "Rajj. We WILL go now. I want to see snow, Yui, Peter and Zak." Rajj looked at her, and shook her off, fighting throught the crowd. ((gtg))

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) | 841 comments ((aww. bye.))

Daren glared at Mara's dad for a few more seconds, but what felt like minutes, then went after Mara and Rajj, finding Suziie. "Come on, Suz. We're gonna go see my house."

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(S)  | 885 comments Mara looked back, hearing footsteps. "Daren." She said quietly, after Rajj had trudged on. "I'm really sorry. I shouldn't have tooken the temption." she said, fiddling with a knife she stole from Rajj.

Rajj smiled as all of his other siblings ran to him. "Rajj!" Peter said slitly annoyed. "Where is she!?" Snow lightly tapped him. "Be nice, Peter." she said, struggling to carry Yui. Rajj plucked Yui from her arms.

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) | 841 comments ((*Taken the temptation.))

Daren shook his head. "Don't worry about it." He took her hand, kissing her on the cheek. "Let's go get that blood wiped away. I'm sure I have some washcloths." He told her, smiling.

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(S)  | 885 comments ((thank you!))

Mara looked at him and nodded. "Hey!" Peter said, running over to Mara, Zak right next to him, Yui in persuit calling it an unfair race, and Rajj, chuckling, following them with Yui. Mara smiled as Snow hugged her. "Mara!" she cried, she hugged her back and looked at Peter and Zak. "So..." Peter said smugly. "You made it." he glared at her, then grinned. Mara shook her head. "You guys, this is Daren." she said, gestering to him. "I know." Snow said, flicking her wrist. "Your going to get married!" she cried, twirrling around. peter scofed and Snow hit him. Zak hadn't said anything. Rajj caught up, and handed Yui to Mara.

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) | 841 comments Daren chuckled. "Okay, guys. Have you already gone into your new house, yet?"

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(S)  | 885 comments Mara looked at them, wait for a reply, when all of them stared at her. "No." Peter finally said, glacing at Rajj. "Are we living with you.. two?" Peter asked, glancing at Daren. Mara narrowed her eyes, "Yes, why?" "well.." Peter started but then a lightbulb clicked in Snow's mind. "Daren!" she cried. "WE have a surprise for you!" she said, running to take his hand.

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I narrow at my eyes at Mara's brothers and sisters. Speaking of which, where are mine? Tap tap. I look behind me to see my-- MOM! What is mom doing here? I'm too shocked to say anything, though all she does is smiles. That smile makes me shiver. "Your brother and sister aren't here." She says, answering my questions. How did she know I was looking for them? "W-where are t-they?" I'm too frightened to know the answer. "Dead." She says simply, laughing as she turns around and walks away. That's when I hear the flow of reporters huddle around me just as I hit the ground. My mommy's laughter rings in my ears.

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(S)  | 885 comments "Suziie!" Mara said, bending down, Snow was at her side, "Mara she fainted. What did that lady say?" "I dont know!" Mara said, "Since when did you care about girls like that!" Peter said, bitterly. "Peter." Zak whispered. "Suziie, can you hear me?" Mara said, "Here." Rajj said, taking yui from Mara.

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A similar voice makes me smile inside. It's like I'm in a different universe where everyone cares for me. I feel so...tired. I don't want to open my eyes or talk. I just want to melt under the pavement and become invisible. That should be easy. I've been doing it all my life.

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(S)  | 885 comments "Suziie." Snow says in a sing songy voice, lightly tapping her shoulder. "It normally only takes a few second." she told Mara. Peter scowled and glared at Mara, Zak whispering to him.

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That seems to serene. I batter my eyes open and slowly see the faces around me. I feel a little on the dizzy side to be aware of my surroundings. By now, the reporters have quieted down. Not even a single click of a camera is heard.

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) | 841 comments Daren has been backing off the paparazzi like a body guard. "Mara, is she okay?"

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(S)  | 885 comments "Yes." she said, relieved, she stood up. "We should get out of here." she said. Snow put her hands down to Suziie. "Your very pretty." she told her. Rajj had already begun to wade through the reports. Peter scowlwed, and Mara frowned. "Get with it Peter." she warned him. His green emerald eyes showed anger, which was strange with his white hair.

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) | 841 comments Daren had gotten the reporters away and came to help them. He took Mara's hand again and sighed. "This is so confusing." He kissed her cheek.

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(S)  | 885 comments Mara nodded, "Let's make it there this time." she led the was threw the crowd to the victors village.

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