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message 1: by Hapzydeco (new)

Hapzydeco | 6 comments Has anyone read this latest Lincoln Rhyme thriller?

message 2: by Chris (new)

Chris (cbrunner11) | 56 comments I am over half way through. I have not had much time at home to read this and sadly it has taken longer to finish than my normal read of a Deaver book, but I love it so far. The story is very very well written and the topic is fascinating. I wish I had more time to sit down and really enjoy this but what little time I have I make sure to give it my full attention. So far it is in my opinion, another Deaver great.

message 3: by Hapzydeco (new)

Hapzydeco | 6 comments Deaver remains current by having Lincoln Rhyme splice together two investigations. While alleviating New York City of fear, Rhyme conquers a personal anxiety. The Watchmaker reappears and is brought to justice. But wonder if he will escape?

message 4: by Donna (new)

Donna (donnaenden) | 3 comments I have read this book many months ago. It was a good book. However there is a lot about electicity and currents, etc that it was a little hard to follow at times. It was still a good Deaver book. Just not one of my favorites.

message 5: by Hazard (new)

Hazard | 50 comments I agree with you. There really is a lot about electricity and sometimes Deaver did not stick 100% to the facts.
I thought he did quite well to explain the topic to average readers but I must say that my knowledge on electricity exceeds that of the general public so I am not really in a position to judge.
I nevertheless think it is a good book.

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