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message 1: by Bekah, Mod (new)

Bekah (bekah317) | 113 comments Mod
Remember the old one on USA? With yummy Michael played by Rob DuPuis I believe?? Well they are recreating it again with yummy Shane West...Not convinced he can do a good Michael but.....I was pleasantly interested with the premiere.

Anyone else catch it?

message 2: by Arch , Mod (new)

Arch  | 6571 comments Mod
Bekah, you mean Roy Dupuis.

I'd watched the show for Birkoff. The new guy that's playing the genuis comes from the X-Men and he's no Birkoff, which they have his name spelled Birkhoff.

I don't get the CW channel and if I did, I wouldn't watch Nikita.

message 3: by Danielle The Book Huntress (Winter Frost Queen) , Sees Love in All Colors (new)

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Winter Frost Queen)  (gatadelafuente) | 7314 comments Mod
I saw a little bit of it. I haven't made up my mind yet. I really like Maggie Q as an actress. I think they picked a good person for that role.

message 4: by Bekah, Mod (new)

Bekah (bekah317) | 113 comments Mod
i only cringed a couple of times I think...will have to see tomorrow how the second show does.

message 5: by CaliGirlRae, Mod Squad (new)

CaliGirlRae (rae_l) | 2002 comments Mod
I'm slightly confused (also adding, I saved the first ep but haven't seen it yet). I thought was a continuation from the original movie which used some of the same names but I'm noticing that some characters from the USA canadian version are also used? So it is a continuation of both versions? I love the original french movie. It was awesome.

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