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here Hades's children sleep

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Emma (youthofwisdom) | 319 comments Mod

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((are you going to make this cabin sadder than it is? im crying like i barreled down a spiral staircase))

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Ethan | 542 comments Demitri walked through the cabin door and watched the camper that was laying on the bed as he sat all his supplies on the bed furthest away.
"Hello brother, and what might be your name?" he asked turning around.
(He's still in werewolf form)

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(I thought he was back at the property line?)

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((he came over here later))
((whos on da bed?))

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Ethan | 542 comments Demitri not getting a reply left the cabin and walked back to the property border.

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Ethan | 542 comments Demitri broke the hinges on the door as he entered and lay on the floor sobbing. he is a monster everybody treats him like this.

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Ethan | 542 comments Demitri grabbed the sheets and tied them around his neck.

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Aββzβook  (life2therockers) Atlanta ran in. "Would you stop it!" she yelled.

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Ethan | 542 comments he stopped and looked at her and his tail tucked between his legs as he began to gag. he couldn't breathe.

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Aββzβook  (life2therockers) Atlanta ran and untied the knot with ease. "What the heck were you thinking?! I'm just one stupid girl!"

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Ethan | 542 comments "I have strong feelings for you okay i have since i have arrived ok i was going to adk you if you want to be a werewolf like me but apparently you are to scared so i thought i was going to die and you didn't care about me." he sniffed at her rage and wiped a tear from his furry face.

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Aββzβook  (life2therockers) She threw her hands up in frustration. "Boys are so confusing!"

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Ethan | 542 comments Demitri moved so fast she couldn't get away and embraced her in a hug.

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Ethan | 542 comments "you do care!" he smiled down at her

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Aββzβook  (life2therockers) Atlanta stood frozen. "Let. Go. Of. Me. Before. I. Explode." she said.
((she's not a hug type person....))

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Ethan | 542 comments (well i don't think he wants to let go she likes it anyway he can tell what people are thinking.)
"you know you like it i can tell" he said.

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Aββzβook  (life2therockers) Atlanta turned red. "Let me go, let me go, let me go!" she said, jumping up and down.

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Ethan | 542 comments He gently stroked her hair and rocked.
"sshhh. Be quiet enjoy it while you can baby." he soothed. she calmed down just a bit.

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Aββzβook  (life2therockers) She smiled for a second, then pushed off of him. "Oh gods... I can't. I'm sorry. I... I was going to join Artemis and..." she frowned. "I'm sorry." She disappeared.

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Ethan | 542 comments He sat on the bed and looked down at his hands they were starting to turn to dust. he had to get a mate and he had to do it soon or he was going to die.

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Ethan | 542 comments he moght as well make the best of the time he had left.

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Dovewing ((hmm... from what I can gather, Demitri needs a girlfriend. Correct?))

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(he likes Sara)

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Aββzβook  (life2therockers) Atlanta appeared behind Alex. "Don't test me," she said harshly.

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Aββzβook  (life2therockers) "Don't ask me, ask your half-brother," she said.

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Aββzβook  (life2therockers) Atlanta glared. "I told him I don't like hugs. He gave me a hug. That's it. Understand?" she said, her gaze not wavering.

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Aββzβook  (life2therockers) Atlanta hit him on the back of his head. She grinned. "Not only are we sensitive, but we can get away with that."

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Aββzβook  (life2therockers) Atlanta had to laugh. "They try to give me makeovers... yeah, that's not so fun..." she trailed off.

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Aββzβook  (life2therockers) "Earth to Alex," Atlanta said, snapping.

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Aββzβook  (life2therockers) Atlanta sighed. "All boys, so clueless... Well, we were talking about how you thought girls were sensitive. But then you went all dreamy..." she frowned.

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Aββzβook  (life2therockers) Atlanta smiled. "You know, we have a lot more in common than you'd think. I've got an annoying older brother named Chad... he thinks he's all that, but in real life, he needs a reality check." She laughed.

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Aββzβook  (life2therockers) Atlanta grumbled, "15. Just because I'm 13 he thinks he knows everything! Even all the--" she stopped herself before she went any farther.

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Aββzβook  (life2therockers) "N-nothing" Atlanta said. "Nothing of any importance."

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Aββzβook  (life2therockers) ((gtg!! bye!!))

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Aββzβook  (life2therockers) ((I've got like 30 seconds soo....))

"There's nothing you need to know. My history is my history, and nobody else's. I am not, nor will I, tell you. So there," she said.


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Aββzβook  (life2therockers) Atlanta sighed. That was too close for comfort. She smiled and disappeared. ((going to Property line))

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Ethan | 542 comments Demitri sat in the bed and relaxed. He couldnt stop thinking about atlanta.
He flopped over to expose his back and tail.
"Where ever you are atlanta ill always love you." he said knowing she would hear it drifting off to sleep.

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Ethan | 542 comments Ethan was running through the forest breathing heavily as he ran from artemis and her hunters.
Ethan looked back to find Atlanta hot on his heels. She notched an arrow, smiling and fired.
"No!" he bellowed as he fell to the ground. He turned and looked up at her.
"Atlanta please, don't!" he pleaded. She notched another arrow and fired it.
"No!" He bellowed as he jerked awake.

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Ethan | 542 comments Demitri looked around and howled.
"I love you atlanta!" he stopped when his father appeared before him.
"Son! What is wrong?" he asked concerned.
"Its atlanta, she is going to join artemis and I want her to love me the same way i do her." he sniffed.
Hades layed his hand on his shoulder.
"I will have a talk with Artemis to see if she will allow her to be with the hunters and you seeing that you love her so much. I love you son."
"I love you to dad." he said as they hugged.
"I will be right back." and with that he disappeared.

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Ethan | 542 comments Demitri raised his head and howled again.
"Atlanta I love you!"

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Ethan | 542 comments (hey i cant help it man i like a good heart warming story.)

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Ethan | 542 comments Demitri stood up and walked to the arena.

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Ethan | 542 comments Demitri walked through the door and pulled on some pants leaving his sexy sculpted body exposed.

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kenzie (theabsolutedream) ((at least he has pants on...))

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((i wish he would wear a parka))

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