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Made this topic for you.

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Eve (emusings) Ok....... I will post my stories here asap

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Annabelle (mrs-varen-nethers) | 100 comments Ah, lovely.

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Eve (emusings) thanks!

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Eve (emusings) yeah!

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Eve (emusings) no prob!

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Eve (emusings) I know I haven't posted in ages but, here's a new story!

I knew the glint in his eye,

The bloodlust that etched years into his young face

I had seen it all before.

It's as if I have lived this same moment time and time again.

The sun catches the broad slicing edges of the Demigod's sword.

He shifts from one foot to the next, waiting for me to make the first move,

trying to anticipate my next action.

I do the same as I have for centuries.

I swipe my claw, aiming for the soft flesh of his neck,

waiting for the slicing, oozing connection

and his end,

but it does not come.

I only manage to graze his head as he ducks,

sending a lock of his gold hair to the grass that should already lay bloodied.

Now, time seems to slow.

In an almost perfect moment, the lock of hair meets earth and catches the light, gleaming as his sword did,

as it does now,

parting the air and ending my moment of peace,

yet peace in my life is but a figment of imagination, a whim,

in the swirling tendrils of red that flow through my dreams

and the crack of sword on scaly flesh.

I block his blow, my arm coming away bloody.

Gold drips from my wound to lie beside his fallen hair,

the sunlight making it gleam as it flails helplessly through the air.

Hatred shows clearly now, on his face, as it must too on mine.

But I have no regrets, for I am a monster, he is a half-blood,

so it has been and so will it be.


Now is when it really starts,

Now is what I live my sullen life for.

The ground could forever leave the soles of my feet,

Yet I would be ignorant to it.

The world has closed; there is only me and him now,

No one, no thing else.

His sword sings through the air, again it seeks my flesh.

He is fast, but I am cunning.

The sword comes and I do not react

The sword nears and I do not perceive

Then it is upon me, that is when I move.

I slide easily under its blurred figure,

He does not yet realize what has happened,

So when his sword does not meet the shock absorber of my body,

It does not slow.

Instead it pulls him off balance

and I knock his slim frame to the ground.

Though, I have just kindled his flame.

He uses anger now, resentment,

as his energy.

He comes at me harder,

This one fights, I think to my self as he plows on,

lunging, to my evasion

striking, to my weak points

A flash,

Then we are locked,

Willing the other to be weaker,

Willing to find a breach in the other's armor.

Is it there?

A hint of a smile, playing across his features?

It could have been my mind playing tricks

Or it could have been real

Then he is gone.


I choke in a breath,

Along with it searing pain.

The agony spreading, blossoming like a gilded flower

My mind is free of all thoughts,

Then filled with nothing but them.

My life,

My lives,

Play out before my all but unseeing eyes.

I turn, in shocked disbelief

To face my killer,

The pleasure contorts his face

His sword has,

As if my some magic,

Been turned gold,

But it is no sorcery,

It is my blood,

My life,

That drips off his blade.

That is when the world explodes into one thousand gold pieces.

It is all there is,

It is all I am.

I fall like the hair and blood and now the setting sun

I may at last find a moment's peace.

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Rosalyn Leigh (t-rose) this is amazing eve. incredibly descriptive and full of live(and death) i actually felt the MCs woes. and i came across so many lines i wanted to call my favorite but then i kept becoming awed over and over again to the point that i just don't know which i love best.

My life,

That drips off his blade.

that's just one of many =)

excellent job eve. do this again soon please!

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Eve (emusings) I did some clean up, so now only the new story is up!

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