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Felicity/Rosestar (felicity) | 53 comments Mod
So how are we going to get this out?

message 2: by *JayJay* (new)

*JayJay* well...i think we should start emailin it 2 friends on&off goodreads. post it n groups. invite friends 2 join us.
maybe we cant literally stop abortion, but we can make it so ppl c it as a bad choice

Felicity/Rosestar (felicity) | 53 comments Mod
Yeah. So, I think we should post the same thing in all of the groups we're in. What should we say? Do you think that the one in Children's Politics is enough?

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

what're we doing here?

message 5: by *JayJay* (new)

*JayJay* thinkin of ways 2 get the word tht abortion is bad and should b stopped out.
felicity - im only n a few groups, but i can get some discussion goin if we all think it'll help by sharin it n other groups

message 6: by Oceanwaves (new)

Oceanwaves (oceanwavesheartsoul) | 6 comments YAY!!!!
This all started off my group, you guys are right, though!!!

Felicity/Rosestar (felicity) | 53 comments Mod

message 8: by Fiona (new)

Fiona | 69 comments Okay, i know everyone's gone, but i just wanna say something: abortion should be illegal. the end.

message 9: by Soumya (new)

Soumya Hi, What are we supposed to do? I'm new here.

message 10: by Clare D' Lune (new)

Clare D' Lune | 88 comments Omigosh!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for starting this group!!!!! And thank you Fiona for finding it!!!

I'm very prolife, and I'll do what ever it takes to convince ppl that ABORTION IS WRONG!

message 11: by Fiona (new)

Fiona | 69 comments omg clare your in this group too? um anyway, we should like go to washington and march around with sighnss or something

message 12: by Fiona (new)

Fiona | 69 comments um not that anyone would listen to me...

message 13: by Clare D' Lune (new)

Clare D' Lune | 88 comments I went to the Minneapolis March for Life!!! Me and my group!

If anyone is interested, I belong to a grouup called Teens For Life. We've been a group for almost 2 years, and its soooo awesome that we kids can help out too... we've raised money, and given it to the Central Minnasota Life Care Center. The CMLCC is an adult group, and bigger. Anyway, if anyone would be willing, starting a prolife group is AWESOME! and its fun hanging out with friends trying to find new ways to help...

message 14: by Clare D' Lune (new)

Clare D' Lune | 88 comments Minneapolis, and soon,hopefully, one in-I think it was-Fergus Falls...

message 15: by Clare D' Lune (new)

Clare D' Lune | 88 comments How come we don't have a pic? I have a REALLY cute little baby pic if anyone want to see or use it...

message 16: by Steven (new)

Steven | 2 comments Hi Clare!

Thanks for the invite. Glad to see you all getting so enthusiastic about a great cause. I'll back ya'll up 100% Good luck, and go get 'em!

-Clare's strange uncle E

message 17: by Clare D' Lune (new)

Clare D' Lune | 88 comments Lol, sent the invite to at least 34 people : D

message 18: by Clare D' Lune (new)

Clare D' Lune | 88 comments come on everyone. send it to EVERYONE in you friends box! Who cares if they are pro-choice!?!

Felicity/Rosestar (felicity) | 53 comments Mod
i will!

message 20: by Clare D' Lune (new)

Clare D' Lune | 88 comments Agreed!

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