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Last_fall | 1 comments Anyone ever wanted to know how a sequel of Digimon Tamers would pan out, expressly if it was their kids!

Most logical copelings of the main three tamers:
Takato and Juri
Rika and Ryo
(sorry but in the series Takato and Rika were really just close friends, all three of them were.)
Henry and Alice
(This one was just a logical way of hooking Henry up with someone who was seen in the season and with the information of his path after the series as according to the official Tamers radio stories.)

Kazu and Kenta seem more like crazy uncles then anything and I do not see Susie getting with anyone in the time allotted (but, at least in the Japanese version, Susies's age and Kenta's ages are within three years.)
I could also see having the grandson and son of Mitsuo Yamaki and Reika Ootori. Not to mention the reaperence of all the Digimon creatures, all thier kids, all the other parents and kids, and the remaining cast from Hypnose

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