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message 1: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl (cherylllr) | 644 comments Mod
I'm thinking smooth jazz isn't good, because getting sleepy is a bad thing while driving. Lots of classical music isn't good, because it can be very soft and very loud in the same selection. Please post what you've (dis)liked, and say something about why it's good (or bad) if you can.

And if you can provide a link to a place where we can hear it, that would be great! (I don't know how to do this, but I see it done in another group I belong to - if you know how please tell us. :)

message 2: by QuesterMark (new)

QuesterMark | 19 comments Anything you like to sing along with works!

message 3: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl (cherylllr) | 644 comments Mod
Excellent point! Now, some of us couldn't do that when we have passengers, for fear of bleeding ears....

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

On a road trip we choose discs democratically. Each person selects a number of cds before we start, we then take it in turns to have our choice of cd played. I’m so glad the kids are older now. If I had to listen to Bob Seegers Abiyoyo cd one more time ...

I am not sure why this music works but it seems to be the favourite car trip music. Probably an aquired taste.

message 5: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl (cherylllr) | 644 comments Mod
Lovely, Gail; thanks sincerely for sharing. However, I would definitely doze off and drive into a ditch. Do you want to tell us what Bapa means, or anything about what he's singing about?

message 6: by [deleted user] (last edited Sep 23, 2010 04:31PM) (new)

It's hard to fall asleep in our car as my husband and kids are very loud. The music hum's in the background. I have the translations at home. Bapa is the word for father, it's a song about him missing his father.

message 7: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl (cherylllr) | 644 comments Mod
thank you Gail!

message 8: by Melissa (new)

Melissa (mjkirkland) I have visited Death Valley a couple of times and while driving down from the rim we always listen to a tune on the panflutes by Grupo Aymara, a Bolivian/Peruvian group. Its a wonderful tune, with thunder and rainfall as part of the music, and the momentous etherial sounds go well with driving into something that is visually overwhelming.

message 9: by Ralph (new)

Ralph McEwen | 46 comments I don't listen to music on my long drives. I listen to audiobooks.

message 10: by Kelly (last edited Dec 28, 2010 09:41AM) (new)

Kelly K | 34 comments Oh! Thats a good idea! I'm always playing movies or looking at the triptic when we are on the road (incase you don't know it I'm not even 14 years old yet so I can't drive :-) ) if I read in the car I get sick so audio books might be a good idea.

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

For long trips in Summer we get to listen to the Cricket on the radio.

Audio books are a great idea for long car trips. We have a couple. The first Harry Potter the Steven Fry version which is brilliant. We did have a few old ones on tape, War of the Worlds and a few other classics. The car nolonger has a tape player.

message 12: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl (cherylllr) | 644 comments Mod
Cricket? The sport? I'm not a sports fan but there's something about the way the radio announcers do baseball that's kinda neat to listen to.

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

Yes I was talking about cricket the sport. A cricket test match should last 5 days. Starting about 10am finishing at 6pm each day. The commentators have plenty of time to discuss the weather, what colour undies they are wearing in between overs and between balls. It provideds a lot of entertainment. You might even hear some cricket. :)

message 14: by Kelly (new)

Kelly K | 34 comments That sounds really entertaining but I don't think I have access to cricket radio where I live.

message 15: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl (cherylllr) | 644 comments Mod
Heh - better than talk radio I'm sure!

message 16: by Madeline (new)

Madeline | 38 comments The road trip songs of choice for my family has always been 50's,60's, and 70's. I guess because they're fun to sing, we all know the words and like the songs. Classic "oldies", now I think I'd probably transition that to include 80's and 40's. Perhaps part of it is that roadtripping feels a bit nostalgic for us and the music enhances that mood. My mom used to always sing that old car commercial when we'd start a roadtrip. "See the USA, in your Chevrolet!" haha good times.

message 17: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl (cherylllr) | 644 comments Mod
Road trips are nostalgic, I agree, now that you bring it up. What a great family that you can sing & have fun together!

message 18: by Madeline (new)

Madeline | 38 comments A lot of it is my mom, she has a great voice and always managed the music in our lives. Too bad none of us really inherited the gift, at least we all like music even if we're not great singers.

It looks like I might be driving up to Alaska again in April! I'm pretty excited, I haven't made the trip since I was 17. I'm hoping I might get lucky and catch a little snow.

message 19: by [deleted user] (last edited Jan 19, 2011 06:09PM) (new)

You don't get snow where you are Madeline? I thought the US was under one big blanket of snow (except Florida). :P

message 20: by Madeline (last edited Jan 19, 2011 07:21PM) (new)

Madeline | 38 comments Sadly no :( . San Francisco is wet and foggy but not that I've ever experienced, snowy. I did get hailed on that year that Seattle and Portland got snowed under. Horrible place to live when your favorite seasons are fall and winter... horrible place to live if you like seasons at all really. It has other things to recommend it though, culture, food, blahdeblah. Can you tell I'm homesick? :)

message 21: by K.A. (new)

K.A. Krisko (kakrisko) | 46 comments I listen to language instruction tapes, but there's only so long you can do that or you fry your mind and can't speak anything.

message 22: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl (cherylllr) | 644 comments Mod
That's probably not a bad idea. I tried to listen to birdsong identification instruction a few times but got 'fried' pretty quickly.

message 23: by K.A. (new)

K.A. Krisko (kakrisko) | 46 comments No one's mentioned Steppenwolf yet? "Get your motor runnin', head out on the highway..." The classic travel music! but it makes me drive too fast...

message 24: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl (cherylllr) | 644 comments Mod
Well sure - but that's only about 4 minutes. So, what would you mix it up with? :)

message 25: by Ralph (new)

Ralph McEwen | 46 comments If you can setup at the beginning of a nice curvy canyon road. I recommend Joe Satraini's “Surfing with the Aliens”.

message 26: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl (cherylllr) | 644 comments Mod
Well, anything by Sat would be good on any roadtrip, I think. ;)

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