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Reader, I Read It (readerireadit) I recently did a poll on my website regarding which era did people enjoy reading in. Victorian's won it so I was going to write an article on the best of Victorian literature, writers and anything else Victorian. I was wondering if anyone had any great suggestions...looking for something a little unusual.

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Paula | 1051 comments Hi Reader-
Can you be more specific? There is such a wealth of information regarding all things Victorian that to choose something to write about is a bit vague. Perhaps you could let us know what you're thinking so far, and some members may then be able to help you out.

Reader, I Read It (readerireadit) Hey Paula, any suggestions of books that aren't as famous as the classics. I would like to include some other types of literature too like a Victorian Diary or maybe a guide to being a Victorian Lady. Something along those lines anyway. I’ve been reading Wikie Collins’s Poor Miss Finch which is brilliant but not as famous as his others so I think I will include this too.

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Linda2 We have a bookshelf listing both the best novels and the best background info. The link is at your right.

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Linda2 You're reinventing the wheel. The best Vic. books are on the bookshelf already, at the link to your right. You can add books if you wish.

Background info is here:
You can add to that thread.

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SarahC (sarahcarmack) | 1424 comments Hey Reader, it sounds like you are looking for more than just the most commonly read Victorian titles. We also discussed the off-the-beaten-track titles and authors a few month ago here on the group, so look at that thread if you haven't already. I think I understand that you are looking for great works beyond the standards. Sounds great, enjoy your search.

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