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Winter Rose Phantom ((Go))

Winter Rose Phantom Elundari and Trina walked by the Forest Lake

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Rikuyo sat on a rock next to the lake, looking at her reflection, hating herself

Winter Rose Phantom Trina jumped in the lake and soaked Elundari

"HEY!"yelled Elundari"Not cool!"

"Was Too!"Trina Laughed

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((g2g bye =( ))


Winter Rose Phantom Rozara wrote: "Iyana sat on a rock next to the lake, looking at her reflection, hating herself"

((I though that it was rikuyo?))

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((whoops too many rps at once!))

Winter Rose Phantom ((Lol! btw it's your turn still))

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Elizabeth Kelaysa sat in her room idly.

Winter Rose Phantom Trina laughed

Elundari grumbled and shook trying to dry off

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Elizabeth Kelaysa finally hopped down from her bed and walked outside, a backpack on her back. It was grocery shopping day again.

Winter Rose Phantom Elundari grumbled and sat down

"Awwwww....Don't be that way sis. Loosen up"said Trina

"you could have warned me first"said Elundari

"That would've been no fun though"she whined

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Elizabeth Kalysa walked by two girls and kept on going, needing to get to the grocery store before dark.

Winter Rose Phantom Trina splashed Elundari and accidentaly hit Kelaysa too"Sorry!"she said

"you should be you knucklehead."

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Elizabeth Kelaysa just smiled. "No harm done, don't worry about it."

Winter Rose Phantom "We're really sorry."said Elundari

"yeah."Said Trina

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Elizabeth Kelaysa shook her head. "Really, don;t worry about it."

Winter Rose Phantom Elundari smiled"You sure?"

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Elizabeth She nodded and smiled. "Yeah."

Winter Rose Phantom "thank goodness"

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Elizabeth She smiled. "Nice meeting you, but I really have to go."

Winter Rose Phantom "you too"Said Elundari

"Yeah and sorry"Trina said again

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Elizabeth She nodded and headed on her way.

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Winter Rose Phantom As soon as she was gone Trina climbed out of the water and took her clothing off to dry them.

Elundari jumped in the water to rinse off and then stripped off as well((We should have someone make a guy☺))

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Elizabeth Kelaysa got her groceries and headed home with a bulging, insanely heavy pack, as well as two gallons of milk.

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Elizabeth ((Hello?))

Winter Rose Phantom ((srry multi tasking))

Winter Rose Phantom they waited in the nude for their cloths to dry

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Elizabeth ((XD))

Winter Rose Phantom ((watching brother and roleplaying is not an easy task))

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Elizabeth ((True.)) Kelaysa saw them and blinked, wide eyed.

Winter Rose Phantom Their tails covered most of their 'parts' but their backsides were un covered so they sat on the ground arguing"it's your fault we have to do this" "no it';s yours Trina you started it"and so on.

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Elizabeth She inched away, still staring at them wide eyed.

Winter Rose Phantom Trina stood up and jumped in the water again"get in the water you are embarrasing yourself./"she said

"I guess you're right"said Elundari and she got in as well.

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Elizabeth Kelaysa would have run for it, had she not been carrying 70 pounds. Seeing them nude made her feel kinda funny and she wanted to get out. She struggled down the road.

Winter Rose Phantom They waitd untill their clothes dried then they got dressed

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Elizabeth Finally she got home and put the food and drink in the fridge.

Winter Rose Phantom They headed home as well((some humans should have seen them when they were letting their clothes dry))

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Elizabeth ((OK)) Some humans walking by looked at them really weirdly.

Winter Rose Phantom "What?"Trina snarled

"Trina!"Elundari whispered"Please forgive Her" she said plopping a hat on her sister and herself and hiding their tail then she whispered"Humans don't like demons remember"then she said"Well we'll be on our way now"and then they walked off

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Elizabeth The watched them go. Kelaysa was stting in her yard, playing with the grass and drinking a glass of milk.

Winter Rose Phantom They went home

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Elizabeth When they passed, Kelaysa looked up at them.

Winter Rose Phantom They smiled and kept heading home.

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Elizabeth "Why do you have tails?" She asked innocently.

Winter Rose Phantom "ummm....because.."

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Elizabeth "Are you special too?"

Winter Rose Phantom "Special?...You mean half demon? yeah"

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Elizabeth "Me too!" she beamed. "What animal?"

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