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Mia (◕‿◕✿) (lame) have you ever had any really scary experiences, such as an encounter with the paranormal, or saw a ufo? then tell them here! they have to be an actual experience you've had, so no things you found on the internet xD

Mia (◕‿◕✿) (lame) once, i was at my nieces house. the date was 6/6/06, really.. so i was sleeping over. we usually like to stay up late whenever i sleep over. her apartment is REALLY freaky D: so, her kitchen starts being "wierd from 1:20 am to 1:31 am. i only was there at the time to see anything happen once, but it really scared me. Ok. So the first thing that was happening that night(11:00 pm): we heard whispers, and a dog barking.. and crying. we were very freaked, and were wary and cautious, always looking behind us. There was never anything there. But then, the 6th time we looked behind us, there was a shadow in the corner, next to her air conditioner. I was too scared to go near it, but my niece approached it. She asked it if it had a name, and who it was. I couldnt hear anything, but she listened to it, and she told me he said his name was joey, and he was 8 years old. And she asked him why he was here, and why he was crying. He toldher a story: Joey had a dog. One night, the dog escaped from the yard. Joey was sleeping, but woke up, because the dog was making noise. So Joey went outside to find his dog in the middle of the street. The dog was looking at him. Joey immediately ran out to the street to go pick the dog up and take him inside, but as joey bent down, he didnt see the huge truck behind him..
anyways, my niece and him talked about that for a little while. she wouldnt tell me what he was saying. but eventually, he stood up, and his dog walked up next to him and I heard Joey say, Bye-Bye. And then they both faded away.
So then at 12:21, i was sitting on my nieces couch. She was playing video games, and i watched but didn't play becaues i sucked lol. but she paused it and looked over at me. she had one of the wierdest expressions on her face.. I looked beside me, where she was looking.. there was a face staring out the window, made of rotting flesh. it turned around and looked at us. I ran over to her and we wimpered a little, because if we screamed her dad would wake up. the thing went into the kitchen but never came out. Then, lastly, starting at 1:20, my niece went to go get some water for us to drink, out of the kitchen. She knew that wierd things were going to happen, but she knew they didnt happen every night, so she went in anyways. I heard her pouring the water into cups, and while she was putting the water away, i heard the cups fall over and water splash against the ground. She gasped but made no more sound. I hurried in to see what had happened, and there was water and the cups laying on the ground, though she was nowhere near the counter. she backed up over next to me. We heard something behind us and looked behind us, but then we heard silverware fall to the ground. We found knives and forks had been attempted to be thrown at us. The forks barely missed us, and one knife even cut my arm a little bit.. I still have the scar.. As the clock turned 1:31, everything was put back in place(we didnt do it). We just blinked and it was all gone. Except for my cut, and the water. We had to clean the water up ourselves. We didnt sleep for the rest of the night, and her dad or grandma wouldn't listen to us. Sometimes they see it happen, like once her dad was in the kitchen and a knife was thrown out of the drawer, and he was just like, "OH SHI*!" Then just walked away like nothing happened -__- I'm still scared to sleep over there.
Believe me or not, this really all did happen. It scared the sh!t outta me, like, seriously!!!!!!!!!

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Nyghtmare It was midnight. Years ago. I wake up, my throat dry. I get out of my warm bed, the night in my house chill. I head for the bathroom to get a drink of water. I happen to look out the fog covered window and see. A thing. A man. Wrapped in a black cloak. Holding a lantern. I knock. He turns. And vanishes.

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It was, about 4 in the morning.I had woken up for no apparent reason, and I was patrolling the house.I hopped on the couch, peeking out the huge window.
Out on the street, there was a huge black blob and a little grey blob.
I lean closer to the window, my face pressing against the cold glass after a snowstorm.
The large black blob creeped closer towards my house.I make out a set of reddish eyes burning into my skin.The little glob sneaks forward also, wrapped itself around the black blob.....

And dissapeared.

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My grandparents own a hotel that is made up of a lot of really old buildings.
I go there at least once every year and the night time always scares me. There are so many stories, and most of them are true.
They have one old house that has only two bedrooms, a tiny kitchen, one bathroom and a dining room. The family that lived there had (I think) 13 kids. We usually stay there every time and weird things happen. Images turn up in mirrors, you can here footsteps running up and down the stairs, heard voices, seen those 'mists' and things like that. It's always a creepy, but really fun place to stay. I plan on investigating it sometime. I think it will turn up with some interesting results. :)

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woah... I lived in a haunted house, i'll explain later... In a party mood now! xD

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my cousin's house is haunted... :p

but all the old buildings at the bed and breakfast are so awesome. they even have an old candy store where they still sell stuff! anyways, it's in st. george, ut if anyone is near enough to check it out.

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you're sure what is...?

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She said she's sure your cousin's house is haunted. :/

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*rolls eyes*

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why don't you!?

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You guys are kidding.....right?

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Laika I have to say, this is slightly amusing to read XD

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Ikr!? ^^ We just kid. We bff's for EVER! XD

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Just like me and my friend Gracy and Kyla!!

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My Spainsh Clas yesterday:
TB: "Wtf?"

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lol, ok then...

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Laika ha! My bffs name is Kyla too

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We had a epic war, you had to be there...XD

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Laika lol


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Hareem (callmehimo) | 45 comments "MUST READ" You know ppl... The house which I'm living in right now, it's basement has never been used before and this house has been made since 1842 and since the basement was made it has been closed! Once I was in my kitch there was this window through whch I could see the basement and at night I saw the light open and in the morning it was closed!!! I though it was just my imagination but the next night I had a party at my house (only big people were there) so I was watching t.v in my parent's room where there was no one. I closed the t.v after closing the t.v I stayed for 30 minutes in the room..when I came out I heard some noises in the room and when I opened the door I saw the t.v was switched on! Thos was a really scary experince!!!

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Hareem (callmehimo) | 45 comments sorry "KITCHEN" (I wrote kitch) lol

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You know you could just edit it...

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*whispers in nemonica's ear* I don't think she knows how...

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Hareem (callmehimo) | 45 comments lol I know but I like to put more comments!

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i find that to be like spam.....

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yeah, me to.

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Lyla (Scourge) wrote: "*whispers in nemonica's ear* I don't think she knows how..."


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Hareem (callmehimo) | 45 comments HEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYY!!! Don't make fun of me!!! No offense but please!!!

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not granted from me at least... :|

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>:] <--- if you don't notice, it's a smirk... :|

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Hareem (callmehimo) | 45 comments MAN!!! No use of saying this!!!

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PartyKiller (Party Poison Forever!!) wrote: ">:] <--- if you don't notice, it's a smirk... :|"

haha! ^^

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Hareem (callmehimo) | 45 comments hey stop bullying me :(......:)........XD!!! Come on I ain't know but I ain't know but I can't stop laughing!!!

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Hareem (callmehimo) | 45 comments I know!!! I'm acting funny!

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no, just ANNOYING!!!

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Hareem (callmehimo) | 45 comments PartyKiller (Party Poison Forever!!) wrote: "no, just ANNOYING!!!"

FINE!!! "I know I'm acting ANNOYING!!!" lol

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