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Sky sat on the swing that she had swung on as an alive child. Memories whispered through the trees, as a translucent tear tricked down her grey face, dropping and vanishing before it hit the ground. The swing moved gently in the breeze, since Sky was weightless.

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Nora rounded the corner, blood was trailing from her bottom lip from her latest kill, she saw a misty figure sitting upon a swing.

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Nora heared a voice and looked to see Shadow in the back alley. She slipped over and watched, trying not to be seen.

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Nora smirked Demon she thought. she followed Shadow

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((YAY! BRAINS! -Gir...))

Nora wondered if she should expose herself to Shadow but decided against would be a crappy idea anyway...

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Nora watched with interest.

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lace walked through the streets, human form, with an innocent look on her face.

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Kana giggled, stiiting on a tree swing.
"Nyyaa haa dii~"

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Lace's eyes wandered as she turned down a dark alley. She spotted a group of kids her age: 16-17 years old. One had a pitbull. It was large and well muscled. It caught her sent and turned it's massive head toward her.
She gasped as the men turned to see her. They all grinned and smirked, begining to walk forward. "Hey c'mere!" they called feindishly. the dog growled and barked.
Her eyes widened. It wasn't the men she was woried about. She stared at the dog- who was at the end of it's chain, tugging it's owner.
She looked around quickly. Out of time, to decide. Do I run? Should I hide, For the rest, of my life? she whispered in her mind. She concentrated hard.
A sudden fury of barking erupted and a chain dragged the ground as the man released his grip on the fighting dog.
She suddenly morphed into a black cat and took off down the ally. The barking faded in the distance as well as the gasps of shock and disbelief. She rounded a corner back where she came and sat down, gasping for breath. "It's so hard being a cat..." she sighed.

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Nora went into the city.

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Lyla (Scourge) wrote: "((Japanese???))"

((Naw, just rambling...Yeah....She does that alot...))
Kana leaped off the swing, a crazed look in her eyes.

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Nora looked at Kana

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Kana smiled, looking a tad bit insane.
"Hi~"She sang, her high pitched voice sounding like little bells.

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Drop sat on some low brick wall at the edge of the city, watching people pass by. Some glanced at her but none spoke. She was a very unwanted little child.

Lace morphed human again, still sitting there panting.

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((Johnny has a huge soft spot for kids! ^^ But he HATES to be made fun of or teased and he doesn't really understand happiness... If you wanna live, don't mess w/ him.))

Johnny wandered the streets as well. He passed by Drop and instinctivly veered toward her. He looked into her Blue eyes and said softly. "Hello. I'm Johnny, but you can call me 'Nny' for short. And who might you be?"
"Drop..." she whispered innocently, looking up at him from were she sat.

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Nora smirked An easy meal? Perhaps.. she thought, walking up to her.

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((Make another charrie so you can rp with me! ^^))

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"Drop..." Johnny repeated thoughtfully, gazing upward.
Drop stared at him curiously.

Lace caught her breath and stood with a sigh. She looked around sadly and continued walking forward.

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Divona watced him.

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Kana hummed, her plaid mini skirt twirling as she spun.
"Kaaannaa~Thaaaat's mee!Or is itt?I dunno~"

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Len sighed while his sister had control over their body.
"Rin, cool it on th spinning.Rin frowned, turning her head to her brother.
Suddenly, a low growl came from the ally behing them.A lanky blue haired boy in a ripped up strait jacked frowned, bearing his shark-like teeth.
"Gah, won't you two ever shut up?"
Both blinked at the sight of the boy.
"Sorry Kaito.."

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Kana looked with wide eyes at the girl walking toward her.
"Whoo is yoous?I'mmm Kanako~ and my blood is blllllaaaaaccckkk!"

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((sry... g.r. spazzed out on my comp yesterday...))

Johnny looked back down at the girl. "Where are your parents?" he asked.
Drop's eyes wavered sadly. She had oone hand in the other, clenched tightly. "none..."
Johnny's eyes softened. "I'm sorry..." he reached out to touch her shoulder.
She stared at his bony hand skittishly and as it approached, shyed away.
Johnny looked at her and slowly pulled his hand back. "Nothing to be scared of..." he whispered gently.
She looked at him innocently.
He began to reach for her again.
She began to shy away then stopped herself to let him touch her.
He placed his hand on her shoulder and withdrew it quickly as he felt cold wet. He looked at his hand, soaken wet then at the little girl, still sitting and looking innocently into his eyes.

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Grey wrote: "Kana looked with wide eyes at the girl walking toward her.
"Whoo is yoous?I'mmm Kanako~ and my blood is blllllaaaaaccckkk!""

I can deal with that... she thought "Hello. she said

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"Gaaaaah~ What's yooourr naaamee?"

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((Somebody rp w/ me...))

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(((I will, they can run into Kaito, Miku, Rin and Len!))

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((you have to run into mine 'cause mine aren't goin no where...))

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Kaito sighed.
"Let's go some where."
Miku crept out, her feet sending soft noises througth the allet.
"I don't care."
Rin and Len looked around, and spotted a man and a girl.
"Let's go over there!"Rin said exitedly.
Len nodded."I wonder how they'll react to us."
"I might eat them.."Kaito scoffed,"But whatever.Let's go."

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((If you don't want him to see them, I can edit this post...))

Naphiro wandered around. He glanced at a group of chit-chatty people. They were strange, malformed. "Who am I to judge?" he mumbled to himself. He smelled the air and recognised one of them as wolf. The hair on the back of his neck bristled and a deep growl rumbled in his throat. There are to many of them... he searched through them. There was a 'combined human', and a horse-girl, along with the wolf.
It's the wolf I want... He watched them with narrowed eyes through the trees.

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((Oh, Ess fine.))
Ren smiled.
"Hey lookit, someone's comming~"
Len yawned."Whatever."
Miku sat down frowning."This madness..."

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He took a few slow steps forward, nearing the strange group.

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Rin, who still had contol over her and Len's body, bounded over.
"Who're yoou?"

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His cold eyes narrowed as he stared at her. "Naphiro..." he muttered darkly. He glanced toward the wolf.

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"Im Ren and he's Len!"

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Lilith's dark red eyes searched the darkness of the alleys. She needed to find a place to be alone, let her wings out and some anger... A place to hide from those things after her. After a while of walking, she turned a corner but swung back around, pressing herself to the wall as she listened to the voices around the bend. She waited, red hair falling over her face.

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Miku, her senses in hearing advanced because of her blindfold, heard someone's footfalls and crepy over.

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Lilith tensed and she took a step away from the wall, her wings coming from her back. She thought this would be the easiest way to get out of this. Her hair blew in the slight breeze that whispered through the alley.

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Miku crept closer.
"Bah, I've seen Kaito eat a dog.I've seen worse."

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The wings snapped back into Lilith's back which hurt her a lot, but she refused to show it. "Get away from me..." She said, looking at Miku with dark, blood red eyes.

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Miku extended out her hooved feet.
"See, I'm messed up too."
Kaito crept up behind Miku.
"Who's this?" Her growled, bearing his fanged teeth.

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"You have no idea what messed up is..." Lilith sighed and looked at the kid with fangs. "Put those away, they don't scare anyone."

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Kaito laughed.
"I don't mean to scare, I just eat people."

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"Actually, I'm not what you would call a 'person'. I was created, not born." Lilith looked around, almost seeming bored. "Besides, I don't die."

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"Then I won't eat you.I can't eat her either, isn't that right, Test Tube Princess?"
Miku blushed."Yes.And my name is Miku, not princess."

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