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message 1: by Elizabeth☮ (new)

Elizabeth☮ as Oprah Winfrey begins her final season, i was wondering what you guys think of her book choices she has made in the past.

i think some of them are pretty hit and miss. but i also feel she has done some incredible publicity for authors and for reading itself.

how do you feel about it?

message 2: by Mona (new)

Mona Garg (k1721m) | 4 comments I agree. I've read a couple, own a few(to-be-read), and there are others on my to-read list.

The Deep End of the Ocean (Oprah's Book Club) by Jacquelyn Mitchard
Vinegar Hill (P.S.) by A. Manette Ansay

Both of the above were good not great. But, yeah, I think it's great how she has promoted reading. Being chosen means instant bestseller status for an author.

message 3: by Elizabeth☮ (new)

Elizabeth☮ i've read both of these selections. i liked the deep end of the ocean (although i tried reading something else by the same author and didn't like it).

vinegar hill was just o.k.

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