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message 1: by Jordan K (new)

Jordan K Bell (jordankbell) Diary of an Agent's Sister
Genre: Fiction, Adventure(?)
Please read the completed(so far) work at:

Sascha Dell's brother has just become a secret agent. He sends her to Johannesburg Academy, a secret government school meant to protect the families of it's most important people. In a school built on secrets and espionage, Sascha finds herself mixed in with the perfect roommate, a handsome jock, and a secretive young man that no one knows about, but who seems to despise her before they've even met. Sascha encounters added responsibilities and talents she never knew she had, and finds herself excelling in all aspects of the school.
But of course, being an Agent's sister could never be easy. Living at the Academy becomes frought with dangers that nothing can prepare Sascha for, and she continues journaling through all of it.

message 2: by Carina (new)

Carina I really like this, Katie! This is a very original idea that you've written really well. I hope to continue reading more :D

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