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LynnB Just getting this thread ready for discussion. In my book this section is 40 pages long.

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Jen (jeninseattle) | 140 comments I'm working my way through this section as well. I'm in chapter 28. I'll finish and collect my thoughts and then come back with a decent post. :-)

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LynnB I am just getting started on this week's section. Hope to post my comments on Saturday.

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LynnB This was an easy-to-read section. Anna and Vronsky return and try to act as if Russian society should accept them, while knowing that they would probably be ostracized. While Anna's sneaky visit to her son is very touching, she does get caught at it by Alexey and others -- and everyone is nervous by the visit. At the opera she is shunned and for this she somehow blames Vronsky. I guess it's because she doesn't see him as championing her to society, but he is feeling the effects of the shunning himself. They seem to think that society should ignore it's morals simply because they are "in love". In some ways I think they are crazy to think that way, so self-centered, and yet people of today's world do exactly the same thing and are accepted.

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Jen (jeninseattle) | 140 comments I'm with you Lynn. I was reading this section and trying to keep the context, b/c it was seriously scandalous what Anna and Vronsky were doing, and in returning to Petersberg, they were completely flaunting it. And it does seem like they knew that's what they were going to face, but did somehow think that their friends and acquaintances would come out and support them. It is a bit interesting that some of the people who don't care, or supported them in private won't even see them, let alone be seen in public with them.

I'm also a little confused as to how we got here ultimately. Anna didn't get divorced b/c it would shame Alexi and he would take away her son, yet here we are, son effectively removed, no one being seen in a very positive social light. I guess the men are a more accepted than Anna is, but that seems pretty normal for the time and place as well.

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LynnB I agree that all the reasons they didn't get divorced for are the exact same things that happened anyway. They (all) sure misread the opinions of people and/or the social pressure that people would be under!

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