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Tetsu (Doki Doki ~♥) (chintotheexperiment) | 3807 comments Mod
Someone has assembled a group of high school girls--rumored to be witches--and dropped them off in the woods. Among them is Makoto, a male 'witch' who has mysterious powers. The plot centers around people who have a grudge against the witches and who try to kill them in the woods. The story also focuses on the witches who are struggling to survive.

I like to call this a Witch Hunt Manga. I've read two of the three vloumes and I can understand why some of the people dislike some of the witches. Also a warning it is a bit gorey...As in the first chapter a girl gets her leg cut off in a bus accident(but it gets reconnected by Makoto), that girl was the first to die though, but she knew it would happen(she was able to see the future in her dreams).

Xerxes Break(Vivian Ephona) (ephona) oooo sounds intriguing :D

message 3: by Tetsu (Doki Doki ~♥), WRRRRY! (new)

Tetsu (Doki Doki ~♥) (chintotheexperiment) | 3807 comments Mod
It really is.

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