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message 1: by Jeff Diamond, Grand Moff (new)

Jeff Diamond | 178 comments Mod
Okay. Here's where we can start talking about the Video game tie-ins. There are quite a few things going on, like the Force Unleashed book. A while ago, we also got a trilogy about Kyle Katarn tying in with the Jedi Knight games.

Your thoughts on the subject???

message 2: by Molly (new)

Molly What is the kyle katarn tie in trilogy called? I really liked the tie-in with the Force Unleashed game. I am looking foward to the tie-in to the second Force Unleashed.

message 3: by Jeff Diamond, Grand Moff (new)

Jeff Diamond | 178 comments Mod
The first book in the Kyle Katarn trilogy is called something like "A Soldier for the Empire." It's not a novel like you would normally think about it, but it was more like a short story with illustrations.

message 4: by Sonny (new)

Sonny (ayesonnai) | 33 comments Video game tie-ins are generally VERY lame. The last one to date was Revan which was crap. They don't tend to fill in the pieces nor elaborate or give more information that would enhance both experiences, rather they retell an already mediocre story quite badly.

message 5: by Noah (new)

Noah N. (NoarkadRaze) | 23 comments Me? I'm a gamer, so I suppose I have to support these...Or at least some of them. :P

In all seriousness though: the Republic Commando books still rank as my favorite Star Wars books of all time. And the KotOR comics were great. I have not read Revan yet, but seeing as I loved KotOR not just as a game but as a story I have a sneaking suspicion that I will enjoy it. I guess we'll see.

I'll definitely have to look up those Katarn books, I loved JKII.
Udesii, vode.

message 6: by Gabriel (new)

Gabriel Lets see the Old Republic MMO has some lore and books out. I do not know about star wars 1313

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