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My Schizophrenic Life

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message 1: by Sandra (new)

Sandra MacKay (sandranne) | 3 comments Hello, I'd like to share that my memoir My Schizophrenic Life: The Road to Recovery from Mental Illness is in the process of being released in paperback and Kindle this month on Amazon. It's about my struggle with schizoaffective disorder and finding purpose in my life. I wrote this book to build awareness, and inspire hope that recovery is possible.

If you'd like to visit my website, it's at:

Sandra Yuen MacKay

message 2: by Dero (new)

Dero | 13 comments Sandra, I have a son who has schizophrenia and he is doing quite well now but it took about 5 years, many trials of medication, two years in a clubhouse to gain back some social skills and work with a job coach to get there. Recovery is indeed possible. My son is 31 now and working full time and has just bought his own house. Mental illness takes a huge toll on everyone involved.
I would love to read your book.

message 3: by Sandra (new)

Sandra MacKay (sandranne) | 3 comments Dero, I'm so happy for your son who had such a successful recovery. Wow! You must be very proud of him. My family was very affected by my illness. It was painful, but it actually brought us closer together and they still give me a lot of support today.
I would be delighted if you read my book!
Thank you for writing,

message 4: by Dero (new)

Dero | 13 comments Sitatunga,
Don't blame yourself. My son was first hospitalized at age 19 and we were never told about schizophrenia but he was on medication for psychosis for 2 years before we knew that was what he had. We found out in 2001 while he was attempting to take his own life while driving. The police picked him up and understood right away that this was a young man who needed hospitalization and they took him to the hospital where the doctore there finally involved us in his care. If we had not had the good fortune to have a knowledgable police officer who had an understanding of mental illness, his story would not have had a good ending either.

message 5: by Sandra (new)

Sandra MacKay (sandranne) | 3 comments Hi Dero,
Sorry I took so long to reply. It's good that the police officer could recognize what your son needed. I think more education and awareness about mental illness is good for not only families but the general public. Mental illness affects one in five in Canada but how much do people know about it?

Thanks for writing

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