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Andrew Joyce ((start whenev.))

Xavier walked in with Bolt and his knives. He pushed the center of the lightning bolt necklace. It fell into his hand as a 4-foot long, double edged sword. He took it to a sharpening buff. He pushed his blade on the buffer, and sparks flew. They flew more than usual, because this sword was forged from electricity and iron from Zeus.

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Andrew Joyce A big, hulking guy walked over to Xavier. "Hi."
"Oh, hi, Brandon!" Xavier said. "I haven't seen you much."
"I've been in here, working on a project for you."
"For me?" Xavier paused. "Why?"
"I heard you were going on a quest. So I made you this!" He pulled out a t-shirt.
"Oh. Thanks," Xavier said halfheartedly.
"It's armor." Brandon put it on. "Hit me with your sword."
Xavier paused, then stapped the shirt. It clanged off noisily. "Cool!" he said.
He took it off. "Yeah. I have two more."
Brandon handed the shirts to Xavier. "No prob."
Brandon left, and Xavier sharpened his knives. He left a few minutes later.

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