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The story: a young girl was born in 1993 she was born death and blind, her parent left her to a crazy asylum, the doctor took care of her as his duaghter, when she was 9 all the crazy patients got lose, the poor girl is defenceless and was killed, since then the asylum was closed down, they say her ghost stilll lives in the asylum, once you go in, there's no way out,your her slave, she can you kill you quickly, take away your 5 sences and much more, no one has ever escaped.....

Have fun :)

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(sounds kool!)

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Dimitri sighed knowing the place very well and also knowing ther was no escape.

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YG was happily ruinging down the stairs to play with her toy

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he heard footsteps and hid knowing that if he was caught he probably wouldnt make it.

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She saw him hiding and smiled she floated to him and touched his shoulder With her icy cold hand

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he shivered notticing it was her "ah......."

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"shhhhhhh"she said, taking her hand off his shoulder and looking him up and down

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he glanced at her but was still a bit frightened.

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"hmmmmmm how old are you?"she asked floating in the air

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he sighed "17"

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"do you want to live?I need another toy" she said, "my last toy tried to leave, she's dead now" she smiled remembering it

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"uuuhhhhh.....s-sure....why not..."
he said queitly.

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"go upstairs, daddy wants to talk to you" she smiled darkly

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"who.....?.....wait going"
Dimitri walked upstairs without questioning.

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She followed him upstairs, "it's kinda dark so watch your step, there's bones on the floor" she warned, wanting to wait till he's comfterble before torturing him

((sorry if my spelling is wrong))

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(it looks right☺)
he walked catiously.

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She followed heading towards the end of the hall

((ok (: ))

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he wlked in a door and saw a man.

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Jack motined for them to come closer

YG closed the door quickly

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Dimitri sighed walking up closer.

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Once he was close enough he said "stop"

YG turned the light on bright

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he stopped and squinted until his eyes adjusted to the light.

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" what's your name?" Jack asked

YG watched thinking of what she could do to him

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he looked at him "dimitri....."

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"you will obey my duaghter or die a painful death"he said

She smiled

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he smiled slightly "of course......sir....."

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"YG" he said
"yes daddy?" she said
"touch his heart"
she smiled, "ok daddy" she reached in him and grabbed his heart making his whole body turn cold, going threw him caused pain

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Dimitri felt pain rack his body "agh....w-what the......!"

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"shhhh" she said squeezing his heart

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he felt pain rack his body again but said nothing,just wincing from the pain.

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She re moved her hand slowly

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he looked at her unable to say anything.

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"strong heart," she said "follow me" she opened the door walking out

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he sighed and followed.

(this is creepy lol)

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((lol ikr, the first one I was in was creeper))

YG took him to her play room

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(Play Room.....why do i get a diturbing thought of hacked away bodies...? haha"

he looked at it and wondered what the room was for.

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((lol hmmm I didn't think of hacked, just skeletons))

she closed the door "sit down" her vocie echoed loudly

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he sat down.

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"pick up a body"

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he looked at her "what...?"
he picked up a body unsure of what was happening.

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"boy or girl skeleton?" she asked

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"huh......? how would i know......its a skelaton.....oh wait....."
he counts the ribs "girl?"

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She noded "do you know how she died?" she asked

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"her ribs are.......broken...."
he replied.

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"yes, she got in a fight with father..he got...tired of her"she said sighing

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"i see....and what about me.....will that happen to me...?"
he asked unsure.

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"i don't know, i haven't figured you out yet" she said simply

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