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message 1: by Vincent, Mod & Author (last edited Sep 10, 2010 01:01PM) (new)

Vincent Lowry (vlowry) | 1099 comments Mod
The following poem is actually a true story that happened to me while visiting New York one month before 9/11. I dedicate it in memory of those who weren't as fortunate as me and my friend on that dark day.


Windows on the World

It’s evening on August 11th, 2001,
and I’m on vacation in

New York City.

A friend who works in Manhattan
invites me to the

World Trade Center.

I meet up with him and take
the ear-popping rise

106 floors.

I step into a restaurant
and grab a drink at a place called

The Greatest Bar on Earth.

There’s music,


I follow my friend to one side of
the building to experience why they call this

Windows on the World.

I press my hands flat against the
thick glass pane and lower my gaze

to the illuminated city that flows below us.

My heart races from the view,
from the striking thought of my perch

on this remarkable creation of steel and glass.

I turn to my companion and talk about
the past and present,

two Americans reconnecting.

More music,

people joining our paradise in the sky.

Soon a second drink is handed to me
and my eyes return to the view,

not looking down now, but across.

I spot a twin building,
soaring above like ours,

The South Tower.

It has an observation deck on the roof,
my friend says,

you can see the entire city from it.

I picture myself atop that symmetrical giant,
staring up as a breeze cools my skin,

seeing only stars for a ceiling.

I turn and face the restaurant,
the bar, the people, and sip my drink

as if this glass heaven



(c) 2010 by Vincent Lowry

message 2: by Sandra McLeod (new)

Sandra McLeod (sandrahumphrey) | 27 comments That is beautiful--thanks for sharing!

message 3: by Steven (new)

Steven (tbones) | 408 comments Wow, that's thought provoking and brings back memories for me as well. I wasn't in either of the buildings but my family and I stood in Battery Park with the buildings in the back round in a photo taken just a week before they went down. And we flew out of Bangor Maine when we headed home to Washington. I will never forget that morning. Talk about a day of fear.

message 4: by Sharon (new)

Sharon (fiona64) Thank you for sharing this piece with us, Vincent.

How very evocative ...

message 5: by Brenda (new)

Brenda | 88 comments Thank you for sharing! Truly beautiful piece.

message 6: by Vincent, Mod & Author (new)

Vincent Lowry (vlowry) | 1099 comments Mod
Thank you for the wonderful comments, everyone! I'm more than happy to share it with you.


message 7: by K.P. (new)

K.P. Vorenberg | 13 comments Well done, Vincent . . . .


message 8: by Vincent, Mod & Author (new)

Vincent Lowry (vlowry) | 1099 comments Mod
Thanks, Kathy!

message 9: by Vincent, Mod & Author (last edited May 02, 2011 08:54PM) (new)

Vincent Lowry (vlowry) | 1099 comments Mod
Then: New York 2001
Now: California 2011

At the very moment I got the text about the news on May 1st, I was standing on the beach in this exact spot near the Santa Monica Pier. (This picture was one of the many I had been taking most of the day...before I had even heard the news.)


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