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message 1: by Carly (new)

Carly  (cloud-envy) (Dispite what most thought, 2012 actually occured, and the world ended in mass chaos. Only a few survivors are scattered across what is left of America, which isn't much. Among these survivors rise two groups, one group that is ultimately just trying to survive off what they have and re-create a small civilization, and the others, who believe that the world was destroyed as God's wish, and that those who are trying to recreate it are sinners who deserve to die - thus setting a war between two surviving groups. )

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(that's beautiful! Haha)

message 3: by Autumn (new)

Autumn (flwurautumn) ((Or, you know, depressing ;)_))

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Carly  (cloud-envy) (ill post my intro, -deleteing-)

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Carly  (cloud-envy) The sky was ash grey when Lisa Hughes rolled out from under the rubbel. She wheezed, her sides aching misribly as she let out a cough, a puff of dust arising infront of her.
Oh god.
Flashbacks of buildings tumbling and people running in utter chaos swirled in her mind. She struggled to sit up, but found that a huge piece of rubble had caught her foot. She tried to move but merely whimpered. At worse, her ankle was sprained, but she hoped that wasn't the case.
"Hello?" Lisa called, coughing again, trying to prop herself up. "Hello? Anyone out there!"

Around the same time, Alaric had managed to drag himself out of the building that had collapsed in on him. The sun hung blood red against the ashen sky, and he had to squint his eyes to make sense of what he was seeing.
Shit. he thought. Shit, shit... This was all real...
"Dear god." the man wheezed, brushing himself off. He ran a hand through his messy - and now dirty - blonde hair, his eyes looking questioningly around. "Damn." he whispered.

message 6: by Autumn (last edited Sep 11, 2010 03:47PM) (new)

Autumn (flwurautumn) The Chans had already gotten out of the rubble a few minutes earlier and they were examining each other for signs of damage. Autumn had a deep cut on her arm and she wasn't sure what it was from. Luckily it didn't hurt. Storm's leg was bruised and bloody. Harmony had escaped virtually unscathed, a small scratch across her cheek but she was crying into Autumn's leg.

"What's wrong?" Autumn pulled her close comfortingly. But she knew what was wrong. The world had ended, that's what was wrong. Storm gave her a look and she gave him a look back. She was trying.

They heard Lisa's cries.

"We're here," Storm said in his deep voice.

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Autumn (flwurautumn) ((I DID IT :DD))

message 8: by Carly (new)

Carly  (cloud-envy) She looked around. "Where exactly is here?" Lisa's voice was scared. She looked around with nervous grey eyes, her gaze darting around. Whoever they were could could be some creepy serial killer or something, but they were her only hope. She bit her lip sharply, trying not to cry out in pain again, though she nearly writhed under the preassure of the collapsed structure.

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Autumn (flwurautumn) Autumn saw the woman's head turning in front of her. They were just out of the line of her vision as her head revolved around her neck.

"Behind you," she pulled Harmony off the ground and to her chest as she too turned to find the voice. Storm took their sister from her. Autumn wanted to smile but she couldn't find it inside of her. She just took Harmony's hand and started leading her siblings to the woman.

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A few hours before the apocalypse, Abigai was inside her house, just in the kitchen. Her husband was upstairs, fast asleep in their bed and she was just making them some breakfast. And then it happened. The fan above fell over her and knocked her unconcious. A few hours later as she woke up, she looked around, terrified. She was bleeding from everywhere and trapped in the bricks of her house. She tried crying for help but no voice came out.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) "Oh." she gasped. Struggling, Lisa tried her best to turn and see who they were. She was a tad disappointed to find that they were only kids. "There you are." she said, letting out a soft breath as they made their approach. Lisa ground her teeth and tried her best to get up.

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Abigail obviously had a concussion and needed a doctor. She felt as of she were dying. She struggled to breathe as the weight over her was stoppng her. She couldn't remember anything at all. The last thong she remembered was telling her husband she was going to make hem breakfast.

message 13: by Autumn (new)

Autumn (flwurautumn) "Here," Autumn held out a hand to the woman.

Harmony stopped crying and stared at the woman. Who is that lady? she would've said if she could find her voice. Storm just stood there, his mouth set into a grim line.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) "I..." she looked down at her leg and nodded, carefully accepting the help. "Thanks." she said, pusing herself up and wincing when she put pressure on her leg. "Ugh.." she winced, frowning.

Alaric looked around. "Hello?" the man yelled in confusion. "Anybody out there?" he was - meraculously - okay. And yet there wasn't anyone around... odd..

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Abigail heard the distan voices, she tried to scream yet again. She slowly gasped for a deep breath then let out a loud scream for help and of pain and confusion.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Alaric looked up. "I'm coming!" he yelled, st arting to un. He could vaugely hear the muffled screams, now getting louder and louder as he approached. "Hello!?" he called again, running forward

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Abigail couldn't breath anymore. Her heart pulse slowed down rapidly l, and she blacked out yet again. She lay there almost lifeless and motionless.

message 18: by Carly (new)

Carly  (cloud-envy) Alaric was running, running.. until he tripped over something. Okay, make that someone. He groaned and got up, finding that Abigail's body right next to his own. "Woah.." he gasked and got to his knees, shaking her. "Hello? Hello?" he asked urgently

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Abigail wasn't breathing. Her pulse was still very low and faint. She was still blacked out.

message 20: by Autumn (new)

Autumn (flwurautumn) "You probably shouldn't stand on that," Autumn said and Storm rolled his eyes.
"Way to point out the obvious. And you're the one who made her stand up."
Autumn decided to ignore that. She saw a group of burnt tree stumps a few feet away and started to pull the woman carefully towards it. Storm carried Harmony over to them and sat down with her in his lap. Harmony was apparently tired of staring because she buried her head in Storm's shoulder, breathing heavy and unevenly.

message 21: by Carly (new)

Carly  (cloud-envy) He frowned and felt her pulse. Hearing that she wasn't breathing, he started compressions. "ONe.. Two.. Three.. Four.." he counted off. This woman had to live, she could be one of the only other survivors, and if she was the only one, he would go insane. He pressed his mouth to hers and sent a gust of air rawly down her throat. He frowned and started compressions again. "Breathe... Breathe..."

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Abigail suddenly started coughing, her heart rate rising again. "K-Kylon..?" she croaked, still having a coughing fit, "Ow.. What happened? Kylon is that you?" she said and slowly opened her eyes, gasping.

message 23: by Carly (new)

Carly  (cloud-envy) He stared at her with wide eyes, shaking his head. "N-No.." he said, hands trembling. "Mis... I'm terribly sorry but whoever Kylon is obviously isnt with us anymore." Alaric hung his head shamefully. "I'm terribly, terribly sorry.

Lisa followed the girl's lead and sat herself down on the far side of the charred stump. "So.." she croaked, looking around the rubble and distruction that was scattered everywhere. "Who are you all?" she asked, looking at the children with her usual, maternal nature. Lisa - of course - was overly maternal, which was of course a problem when she was told she couldn't have kids and her fiancee left her for another woman, but that was beside the point. Right now she was staring three run down children in the face, all of which probably lost their parents.

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Autumn (flwurautumn) "I'm Storm," he shifted Harmony in his lap so he could see Lisa better.

"And I'm his twin, Autumn," she was standing with her hands on her hips. "And that's our sister Harmony. Who are you?"

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"Wh..." she lifted her head up. So confused, she looked around, "what happened to my house-- Kylon! Where's my husband?!" she screeched getting up and headed for a search, tripping multiple times. She tripped once more and saw an arm dislocated from it body. She gasped, "Kylon!" she exclaimed and broke down in tears. "Whats going on? Who did this?!"

message 26: by Carly (new)

Carly  (cloud-envy) She cleared her throat and managed a smile. "My name is Lisa Grey." she said with a worn smile. She looked around once again with curious eyes. This kind of distruction could only mean one thing... She sighed and shook her head, not wanting to think of the loss of her dearest friend. "I'm sorry." she said distractedly. "Are you three the only survivors?" she asked gently, not wanting to upset them.

"Miss please." Alaric was at her side at once, trying to consol her. "I'm so sorry for your loss." he murmured. "But he's dead. There is truley nothing we can do but move on..." he trailed, feeling miserable for suggesting such a thing, but knowing it was true.

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Abigail couldn't stop. She was in such pain. Emotionally and physically. "Wh-where's my brother? My parents? Where's my sister?! She's just a baby!" she cried. "d-do you know who did this?!" she asked him, her eyes red. She was still bleeding.

message 28: by Carly (new)

Carly  (cloud-envy) "I'm so sorry." he said softly, shaking his head. "I have no idea who could've done such a thing." Alaric sighed and looked at Abigail. "It's just... This might have been the 2012 thing that everyone was so paranoid about..." he trailed and shook his head

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Abigail stared at him in shock, "No. No no no no no!" she kept repeating. "Why am I not dead? I wanna die. I don't deserve to be here. Why do I have to suffer like this?" she stood up and limped ahead, looking ahead, gasping. "Oh..." she cussed under her breath. She broke down again. "I... I need a doctor."

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Carly  (cloud-envy) "Okay... Okay." he said quickly, wrapping his arm around her shoulder to steady her. "Sorry." he added, he just didn;t want her falling over and hitting her head, like he guessed she already had. "We'll find a doctor, okay? I'm sure there has to be a surviving one around here, there are millions in the states.." he trailed and looked around. "Oh god.."

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Abigail winced at his touch, "Dont touch me!" she yelled, then pulled away from him. After a few seconds she sighed, "i'm.. Sorry.." she sighed and put a hand to her forehead. "everythings gone.. Everyone..."

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Carly  (cloud-envy) He flinched. Since his last breakup - which had been... years ago... - he'd forgotten how emotional women could be. "Yeah, I know." he said bitterly and looked around. "Look, can we just focus for a moment on the task at hand? I know, it's gone, it's all gone, but no one can care if theyre not around.."

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Abigail looked up, and nodded after a moment. She couldn't help but agree. She was so upset. She had a whole life ahead of her. She was going to go on a picnic with her whole familytue next day. And today she and her husband were going out. And then on Wednesday she had an appointment. They were going to go to find the fender of their baby... The baby! Abigail gasped and put her hands on her stomach, she stopped walking with him.

message 34: by Carly (new)

Carly  (cloud-envy) He was walking until he realized he heard only his own soft footfalls against the ground. He turned and looked at her, her hands resting on her stomach, and he only knew one thing. He shut his eyes and shook his head. Any baby that had survived something like this would be a merical one, and it would most likely have some sort of problem with development.. Alaric looked at her for a long time, knowing deep in his heart that this woman had just lost absolutely everything, and she may have lost her baby too.

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Abigail put both her hands on her stomach, hoping for a sign. A sign that it was okay. "Please! Please kick." she cried, rubbing at it, tears streaming down her face. How could she have forgotten? Oh right. She was knocked on the head with a fan. "Please, God I'm begging you..." she telly to her knees. There was no feel in her stomach. That only meant one thing. "don't be dead..." she whispered.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Alaric was nearly in tears. He shut his eyes and took a breath. He wasn't an emotional man at all, but seeing this woman find out that her child, the one thing she had left in the world, would never get to experiance life - even if it was in this hellish world- well, that just sent him over the edge. He had to bite his tongue to keep from saying anything stupid or emotional, and just waited in silence for her.

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Abigail couldn't help but cry. She sobbed, the tears staining her cheeks. She cried about her family, her friends, her husband, the rest of the world, her future and her baby. The one thing she was looking forward to the most in her life. Especially for the past six months... Her life was over. She had absolutely nothing left to lose anymore. She didn't know how she would be able to survive.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) He looked at the ground, his hands shaking. It took him a long time to realize his cheeks were wet as well. "We have to find some sort of shealter." he said, his voice weak and rough. He cleared his throat and shook his head, trying to shake off the sadness. "We need to.."

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Abigail, expressionless, stood up and walked with him not saying a word or making any other sound. She walked slowly, her arms still wrapped around herself. She remembered a few days ago they were thinking of names. Victoria, her husband, Kylon had said, it would be a lovely name for a girl. And... Sebastian. How does that sound Abs? Huh Abi what do you think? Abigails eyes stung with tears. She shook the thought out of her head. After a moment she spoke. "Im Abigail. Abigail Landers."

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Carly  (cloud-envy) He nodded. "My name is Alaric." he said, his voice rough and quiet, like gravel. "Alaric Manson." he said, looking at her with his peircing blue eyes. "I'm sorry." he added softly, his eyes downcast. "I know this is a very, very hard situation for you. But I cant... I can't loose another person." he said, looking up at her with a sad, almost pathetic smile. "I can't loose another person when I knew I could've helped."

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Abigail didn't turn her head to look at him. She had her head down. She felt ashamed. Not knowing why but she just did anyway. She nodded, "I just lost one..." she breathed quietly. She sighed a bit and shook her head sadly the glanced around, not knowing where they were going to find a shelter or a doctor. She also wondered why he was okay.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) "I knowo." he murmured quietly, his eyes looking down. "But.. We have to try." he sighed. "Everything happens for a reason - or so some people say - so.. There has to be a reason for all of this. We need to be able to start over. To try to rebuild whatever this is supposed to be."

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Abigail nodded. "we need to find more people.. Build this place up again... But it's next to impossible. Unless we find a few more people and try repopulating. But that will take ages." she frowned. "did you lose anyone you loved?" she asked looking up at him. "Alaric?"

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Carly  (cloud-envy) "Yes." Alaric answered slowly and looked up at the ashen sky, his eyes full of a distant sadness that would be contained with the strength his entire being possesed. "Yes, I did." he saidm and he looked down what he guessed used to be a road, with dark, emotionless eyes.

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Abigail looked at him sadly, "Then I'm not the only one. Come on." she said walking ahead and looking for a shelter. She looked further ahead, her eyes strained and she thought she found one. It was really cold at the moment, and she was still aching all over.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) "We'll probably have to prop up the remaints of an old building." he said quietly, looking around. "There's really nothing salvagable around these parts."

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"But how will we do that? I'm an English teacher." she sighed and sat down, tiredly, "or atleast I was..." she looked up at him. "Are you sure this is even possible..?"

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Carly  (cloud-envy) "it has to be." he said, walking over to what looked like an outwardly collapsed side of a building. He put all his weight on the wall. "Seems sturdy enough." he said, looking up. "See anything tarp-ish? Like an auning or something we can use for cover?"

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Abigail looked around for a while and shook her head. She felt so helpless. She didn't know what to do. She curled her knees up to her chest and rested her chin on them. "I'm sorry..."

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Alaric shook his head. "Dont be, don't get upset over this of all things." the man rubbed the back of his neck. "Look, we'll use something like this.." he grunted, trying to pull out some thick cloth material. With a final tug in cane loose and he flew backwards, crashing to the ground. "Ugh..." the man groaned.

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