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A Simple Roleplay

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((I've never done role play before. How does this work?))

message 2: by Rayne (new)

Rayne Megan wrote: "((I've never done role play before. How does this work?))"

Well you play and character and I do.
Say Im Alice and you can be someone else
I'll talk from my description and you'll talk from yours
It keeps on going back and forth
Say like this

"Lisa walked into school, thinking about what to do about her uncontrolable brother and crazy mum" You write this part.

"Aaron strolled down the hall towards the door, keys in hand and ready to jump on his motorcycle as fast as he can" Someone else writes this

It keeps on going back and forth.
Thats what you call a roleplay

message 3: by Emilie, La Scriba Bella (new)

Emilie (mrslestatdelioncourt) | 301 comments Mod
Maria leaned against her locker with her iPod bud in her ears, watching people broodily and tried to ignore the throbbing pain in her collarbone.

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Hey everyone, I'm not so sure I want any role playing in this group. The closest we have to one is in the Games section- there are a whole bunch of other role playing groups (any genre you might like and more!) already on goodreads. I was hoping we could keep this group simply about writing and advice.

message 5: by Isabell (new)

Isabell Vasalus (Hecksithia) | 16 comments Agreed Katie, there are already way to many RP's on Goodreads.

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Isabell wrote: "Agreed Katie, there are already way to many RP's on Goodreads."

Yeah, it's just better that we keep this group about writing. 'Cause I've noticed if you let one roleplay topic in, a dozen more fill up the group :)

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