Mrs. Burke's PreAP English 9 discussion


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message 1: by Darrius (new)

Darrius Coleman | 3 comments The door

message 2: by Darrius (new)

Darrius Coleman | 3 comments the door is alll
the door is everything
the door is the all knowing
the all powerful
the door can see into your soul!!

message 3: by Zach (new)

Zach Tuthill | 1 comments And Where would this all powerfull door be???

message 4: by Darrius (new)

Darrius Coleman | 3 comments IN imagination land!!!!!

message 5: by Steff (new)

Steff Etheridge (steffanierocks11895yahoocom) | 1 comments my book that i read was a thousand splendid suns by khaled hosseini. this book was an like 3 out of 5 book cause i really didn't like how mean rasheed was to mariam ,and laila also to aziza who was a little girl. the conflict was that mariam had to marry a man who didn't love her and who beat her. the theme was that you should be careful about afghanistan men because at the time they believed the men more than women. a few dynamic characters were mariam, rasheed tarique, and laila.

message 6: by Noah (new)

Noah Volk | 1 comments The book I read was called Peak by Roland Smith. I would rate this book a 4 out of five. The conflict in the story was that he was trying to reach the summit of everest before he turned fourteen.The theme of the book was to never give up.A few important characters were Peak, Son-jo, and Zopa

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