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Winter Rose Phantom ((go))

Winter Rose Phantom Elundari wandered the halls

Jacob and James Bitterman (Xuxumanga) | 57 comments A new and more outgoing Jacob said "Hey Elundari its cool we got in here!" a grin spread across his face

Winter Rose Phantom she shrugged

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Elizabeth Sarama walked into the school.

Jacob and James Bitterman (Xuxumanga) | 57 comments "Well I guess I'll see you later" Jacob said with a slight smile

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Isamu walked into school and looked around. It's so big, She thought.

Winter Rose Phantom She smiled back"Okay"

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Isamu went up to Elundari. "Umm....Can you tell me where to find homeroom 127?" She asked.

Winter Rose Phantom Elundari smiled"Sure, Actually I have that class now so we can go together."

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Isamu hesitantly smiled back. "Okay, that would be good."

Winter Rose Phantom "Lets go"She said going towards the classroom

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Isamu nodded and followed.

Winter Rose Phantom She led her to the classroom

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Isamu stepped into the classroom. Where do I sit? she wondered.

Winter Rose Phantom "oh by the way you can just sit where you want"

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Isamu nodded, grateful. She sits in a desk at the far left edge of the room, closest to the windows.

Winter Rose Phantom Elundari sat near the middle

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Isamu fidgeted with the edge of her skirt.

Winter Rose Phantom elundari stared at the board

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Isamu looked out the window. Her expression was worried.

Winter Rose Phantom she stared

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Isamu jumped when a boy came bursting into the room. "Kioshi!" Isamu whispered, "Why are you so late?!"

Kioshi shrugged and grinned.

Winter Rose Phantom She looked over at the boy and blinked

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Kioshi winked at Elundari. Isamu frowned at him.

Winter Rose Phantom She blinked again and turned around blushing slightly

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Kioshi down a couple of desks away from Elundari right next to Isamu. Isamu just shook her head at him. Kioshi made a face, "What?" "Nothing," muttered Isamu.

Winter Rose Phantom She watched the teacher as class started. this was one of her least favorites

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Isamu slouched in her seat.
Kioshi cocked an eyebrow.

Winter Rose Phantom She listened boredly to the teacher, writing the notes and still being able to draw at the same time

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Isamu gazed out the window, daydreaming.
Kioshi was folding up a paper into origami.

Winter Rose Phantom After a while class got out, Elundari sighed and got up

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Kioshi got up quickly and walked over to Elundari. "You doing anything after school?" Isamu walked by and said, "Job." Kioshi slapped his palm to his face. "Right. Sorry, forgot my job. Can't now."

Winter Rose Phantom She blinked Okay?

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Kioshi shrugs. Little sisters, He mouthed at Elundari.

Winter Rose Phantom Ah.

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Kioshi nodded with a sigh. Isamu shakes her head and drags Kioshi out the door. But Kioshi pops his head back into the classroom to ask, "What class do you have next?"

Winter Rose Phantom "Math,"she said((There are both people with and without powers in this school but no one knows that there are any others with power in the school anyway k?))

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(( yup and Kioshi and Isamu's job is an undercover job to chase down these bad guys))

Kioshi frowned. "Darn. After that?"

Winter Rose Phantom "I have a free period then"

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Kioshi's face breaks into a grin. "Great. Me too. Want to meet somewhere?"

Winter Rose Phantom She shrugged"sure where?"

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"Umm...............Study hall?"

Winter Rose Phantom "Sure"she said walking past him"See you then"

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Kioshi grinned. Then grunted as Isamu yanked him towards his next class.

Winter Rose Phantom She smiled and went to her next class

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Isamu shook her head at Kioshi. Kioshi only shrugged.

Winter Rose Phantom she got to class,Bored

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Isamu sat in the corner of her next class.

Winter Rose Phantom Soon class ended and Elundari walked out of class

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