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message 1: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay Belmont (lindsaybelmont) | 6 comments Hello! I'm new to this group but I'm so excited to find you guys, as I am always looking for clean romances. I looked through all of the books on the group bookshelf (and got some great recommendations) but I noticed that no one mentioned Betty Neels. She was British and most of her books take place in England or The Netherlands. Most of her books are fairly predictable (but aren't most romances?) but they're super clean and fast reads and she tells a great "marriage of convenience" or "plain Jane gets the guy" kind of story. Just a suggestion! Thanks so much for starting a group like this!

message 2: by Jaimey, Co-Mod (new)

Jaimey (jaimeygrant) | 409 comments Mod
Feel free to add any clean romances to the shelf that you wish. As long as they are free of descriptive sex and do not fall under the inspirational description (there are LOTS of inspirational romance themed groups on Goodreads), they are welcome on our group shelf.

Welcome to the group and thanx for joining! :o)

message 3: by Joyce, Group Creator (new)

Joyce | 592 comments Mod
What Jaimey said. :-) Welcome to Clean Romances, Lindsay! Definitely feel free to add Betty Neels or any other clean, secular romances you know of to our bookshelf.

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