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Rules and Guidlines

1. You are allowed to cuss and and swear. I don't give a damn
2. You can go past PG-13 material when it comes to Rping-just MAKE SURE the person you are roleplaying with is comfortable with that
3. I do not tolerate people who start problems for others. Don't be a baby and fight, be mature and solve it. If you decided to go with another option that will piss people off, you will be deleted without a warning (I know I'm harsh, but I've seen these problems many times)
4. Okay. I am on my knees begging you not to post a freakin one word sentence like "He nodded" or "She smiled". It is so agonizing to create a response to something to small. I'm not the only one who has dealt with this and it's annoying. Be creative and say something like "Felicia walked through the school doors with her earphones blazing, syncing her voice to the music." That's all I'm asking for.
5. Have fun!!!!

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:) awesome:))

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I enjoy these rules. :)

Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (theawesomeestreaderpersonevah) Myself as well. Are we allowed to confuse others with words like sesquipedalian and salubrious?

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Christina Beasley (:

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