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message 1: by theduckthief (new)

theduckthief | 269 comments Mod
What do you think of the book so far?

message 2: by MjerrieT (last edited Sep 11, 2010 10:22AM) (new)

MjerrieT Hi, I'am new to the group and not sure how things work. This is the first time ever reading this story have read up to chapter ten this far. My first impression this far is that I must have missed something in my reading because the author so seem to give any background on Lucy Snow. I know that Lucy is the main charter and narrator in the read but I find her to be unfeeling but still a good read.

message 3: by theduckthief (new)

theduckthief | 269 comments Mod
You're right Charlene, Bronte doesn't really give any background for Lucy. In fact, we start off with Paulina who seems more central to the story. I was confused about Lucy's family situation. At first I thought her parents were deceased and then I thought perhaps Mrs. Bretton was sponsering her.

What I didn't undertand was why she allowed Mme. Beck to snoop through her things and consequently, make copies of her keys. Totally creepy if you ask me.

message 4: by MjerrieT (new)

MjerrieT I'am almost done reading this book when realizing that there has not been any comments for chapter 11-21 of this read. I find in reading this area of the book is where the reader does not know much about lucy snow's past in case this notion is missed in reading. She is a person of intellect like her godmother and brother but seems to be mistreated and ignored by the people who are the closest to family. Then there is the battle within her self to moral.

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