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message 1: by Adrienna (new)

Adrienna (adriennaturner) This may seem like a "silly" question in a group that supports Contemp. Christian Fiction; however, there are some publishers who believe that inspirational/christian material does not get the same exposure or sells like other genres i.e. Urban Fiction; Romance; Paranormal to name a few.

I'm making a statement and working on a series entitled "Miss the Mark Series" and will share more once I know if they will pick it up. It's an apocalyptic; spiritual thriller (suspense and drama) in the Christian fiction market from a female, not male(s)! Can this stand....similar to Left Behind Series but from today's perspective with futuristic biblical principles what is to come. We can't be left behind, and miss the mark of what God called us to do! Make a Mark and put your stamp of approval that you will support and get a copy of this book! Will be a 7 book series. I'm working on book 4 and after talking to potential publisher, hope they at least do a three-book deal to see how it goes.

Dream 4 More,
Adrienna Dionna Turner!

message 2: by Trish (new)

Trish (trishag) | 385 comments Mod
I'm in! It sounds great to me & please be sure to keep us posted -even though I'd imagine it's a long, time consuming process. Thanks!

message 3: by Toni (last edited Sep 11, 2010 04:32PM) (new)

Toni Nelson (goodreadscomtoninelson) | 55 comments Well then, how about Inspirational/Christian non-fiction? Just a slight vanity moment... sometimes, I can't help myself. Perhaps my middle name should have been "grace."
A Beggars Purse by Toni Nelson

message 4: by Trish (new)

Trish (trishag) | 385 comments Mod
Your story sounds like an amazing life experience, Toni! I added your book to my TBR list.

P.S. there's an "Author" section at the bottom of our group's home page if any other authors would like to recommend their books. Just sayin'. -Thanks!

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