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Our humble little group is made up of a core group of about 6 members and is run by our fealess leader Andrew. We meet once a month at Joseph Beth in the Lexington Green Mall, usually in front of the fireplace outside the entrance to the Bronte Cafe. Meetings are typically on Mondays or Wednesdays and within the 3rd or 4th weeks of the month. We're very flexible. Books are chosen by the group from the sci-fi/fantasy genre. We stay within the adult books but will stray into young adult if the book is good enough. We love new members as more people makes for more viewpoints and better discussions.

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Ok, so our blurb needs an update. Andrew is no longer with us, but we still chat, and he's doing well way up north in the snow no doubt. Mark has been very brave to take us over, as we are a very unruly bunch. I'm sure we are a bit like herding cats on the best of days. If you find our group via Goodreads here and you are local and want to meet up with us, we'd love to have you; the more the merrier. We don't always meet in the same place because sometime customers steal our spot and being as it would be really rude to whack them with a book or otherwise make them move, we meet wherever we sit. Ask them at the registers if you can't find us. The reading schedule here is the accurate one as opposed to the one in the JB newsletter. Go by this one. Please suggest books and come and chat about the months selection. We'd love to have you.

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I see we are again in need of an update. We have a new leader again. Christopher has taken the lead and has been doing a wonderful job. We are the same usual group but would love to have others join us. We have been meeting regularly in the Bronte Bistro. Our group has grown quite a bit on Goodreads. Any long distance members who would like to discuss the books with us are welcome to post in the book discussion thread during the hour of the meeting and we can respond. Just let me know in advance that you plan to be there. New members are always welcome.

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Anyone who would like to discuss the monthly read with our group but can't attend the meeting in person is welcome to Skype with us. Just PM me in advance so I can get everything set up.

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Another update? We are a group of about eight who meet in the Brontë Bistro once a month to eat together while we discuss what was hopefully a good book choice. LOL! We don't have a particular leader anymore--they all tried and we couldn't be reined in. Anyone can nominate books, and we decide by a vote (sometimes numerous rounds of voting). We always welcome new people to the group so join us if you are in the area. The reading schedule is here and is nearly always up to date (sometimes it takes a few days after a meeting to get the new information posted).

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