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message 1: by Hilary (new)

Hilary McLean (hilarymclean6) | 1 comments Hi! I am a new member with this group but I have been with Goodreads for a year. I have been falling under the spell of Graphic Novels for some time and found myself correcting my mother in law the other day that graphic novels were not comic books. That was when I decided I should check out like minded folks on my fave book discussion site.

I am an avid reader and writer with one published book to my name; Fifth Sun: The Awakening. (www.fifthsun.ca) I live in Calgary, Canada with my better half, our children and too many household pets. By day, I'm a homeschooling mum; by night I try to escape into various fantasy worlds including those of my own imagination.

Current Fav's in the Graphic Novel department are Stan Sakai's Usagi and I just finished reading Naussica (Intense!) I read the Bone series with my kids and enjoyed it thoroughly. My husband, a big fan of the DC Universe and anything Green Lantern, introduced me to this wonderful world too many years ago.

I'm probably one of the few mum's around that encourages her kids to read "comic books".

And what about you??

message 2: by Petabyte (new)

Petabyte | 9 comments I'm just a guy who loves graphic novels, and who happens to live close to a public library - one that has a comprehensive collection of graphic novels! Hi(:

Who else is here?

message 3: by Niki (new)

Niki Smith (nikismith) | 1 comments I've read indie comics/manga/graphic novels my whole life (never much was one for the superheroes, though), and am now working on my own digital title. :) http://InMapsAndLegendsComic.com/

I like a lot of quieter titles, and am a sucker for a unique art style.

message 4: by Dean (new)

Dean | 11 comments I've never really been a manga fan but have been a fan of what Scott McCloud likes to call Sequential Art for that majority of my life. My mom was supportive of my habit as well and worked for a news dealer when I was younger so I'd often get stripped copies of the comics they distributed.

I was also good at dawing and illustrating since I was a kid so I had that dream of being a comic artist but while I was in college the industry took a dump.

Now I mainly get my comics fix reading graphic novels. I just read Darwyn Cooke's Parker adaptation yesterday.

message 5: by Bob (new)

Bob | 7 comments Read comics when I was in my pre-teens off and on. My first big memory was of my dad giving me a copy of Marvel Origins when I was between 3 and 5. I couldn't read them but I loved looking at the pictures and making up my own stories. When I turned around 7 or 8 and was reading, I went back to it and read those classic stories. Skip ahead 10 years and I'm in my first year of college and I stumble across a comic book shop in town. I buy some "Real Ghostbusters" from that time. A guy in my dorm notices I'm reading comics and we begin to talk. He lends me some collections. We become friends. I start collecting like never before. That summer, I find a store near home and start reading Sandman, the Dark Knight returns, Mage and the Elementals. Next year at school, the guy who introduces me to comics is my room mate and he brings from his collections from home -- John Byrne's run on the FF, X-men Classic. By the end of my sophomore year I am a full fledged Marvel Zombie...
Nowadays, I'm reading only collections. Mostly Marvel, but I follow authors -- Robinson, Bendis, Brubaker, JMS, Kirkman. Love Bendis' run on Daredevil, New Avengers and Ultimate Spider-man. Mark Waid's FF run was excellent as was Geoff Jones Green Lantern and Flash and DC events. I stick to tights n' fights but I read some of the stuff outside the genre.

message 6: by Dana * (new)

Dana * (queenofegypt) I haven't read comic books since I was a kid, those carefree days of Archie and Richie Rich.

But I love graphic novels. It is sometimes hard to find a good one, amongst all the manga. I have nothing against manga at all. I just don't get drawn into it much.

My first pleasant surprise was Death Note. Loved this series, so well thought out, drawn, interesting concepts and story line. I have also watched the live action movies and some of the 'animated' series.

Next, I got into The Walking Dead, seriously one of the best things I have read in a long time. Can't wait to see if they do it justice on TV. just finished Volume 12.

I am working my way through Preacher at this time, think i am on volume 4. Another great story line.

I am also on the second volume of DMZ. Fascinating.

So i would guess you would classify me as 'new' to graphic novels, but not interested in manga or 'comic books'. I did read the first in the series "I, Zombie".
And you can see that the GN I read have a supernatural tendancy. Is that just a basic concept in GN?

message 7: by John (new)

John Karr (karr) | 2 comments I'm a reader and writer who started off with comics in childhood and while I enjoy regular books, still buy the occasional graphic novel, particularly Batman stuff. I enjoy the artwork and some of the wilder story lines come to life better when done graphically, imo.

message 8: by Miki (new)

Miki | 3 comments i read

message 9: by Miki (new)

Miki | 3 comments Art Speigelman rocks

message 10: by Theresa (new)

Theresa | 3 comments I have been reading and enjoying graphic novels and comics since i could walk. My all time favorites in drawing and illstations is bernie wrightson.

message 11: by Tom (new)

Tom Brown (gothicmangaka) | 5 comments Hello all!
I'm Tom Brown. Since i've started creating graphic novels i have found i have less time to read them but some of my all time favorites are Sandman, The Dreaming, Hellsing, Blame, Umbrella Academy, Hellboy, Fables...and so on. (I tend to lean towards the supernatural themes)

One of the long term projects that i'm involved with (In partnership with my fiance/UK author Nimue Brown) is "Hopeless" I do the art, she writes and we co create the setting and characters. (we work together under the studio name Copper Age) This story will be twelve volumes long by the time we're done. It's currently being serialized online here - http://www.itisacircle.com/

message 12: by Theresa (new)

Theresa | 3 comments WOW! Congradulation! I wish you both much success and Happiness!

message 13: by Tom (new)

Tom Brown (gothicmangaka) | 5 comments Thank you Theresa!

message 14: by Theresa (new)

Theresa | 3 comments I just checked out your site. My kids are going crazy over it. Love the artwork it is truly unique and beautiful. You are blessed with so much talent thank you for shareing it with the world. blessings theresa

message 15: by Tom (new)

Tom Brown (gothicmangaka) | 5 comments Very glad to hear it! Say hello for us please! (and welcome to Hopeless,Maine)

Blessing back :)

message 16: by Charles (new)

Charles Just joined. I'm a book artist and so have a natural interest in graphic... um... well, not manga or comic books... graphic literature? Just finished Julian Hanshaw's The Art Of Pho. These things are really hard for me to find. Mostly I find reviews in TLS and order from Blackwell. I thought this group might put me on to somethings. And of course talk. To see what I myself do, my website is http://ocotilloarts.com and there's also a blog http://ocotilloarts.com/blog/

message 17: by Jack (new)

Jack (kcorstel) | 28 comments Ugh, part of me hates to kick up this navel-gazing conversation again, and another part of me just can't take it any more, so:

A couple of people recently have steadfastly proclaimed that they dig "graphic novels" or "graphic literature," but not -- NOT -- comic books. To these people I ask (possibly while shaking them by the shirtfront, depending on how much coffee I've had that day), "What is the difference?!"

The art form in which an artist strings a series of images together in an attempt to convey some sort of movement or action through space and time, while utilizing a specific visual vocabulary of sound effects, word balloons, motion lines, etc. is called COMICS. A BOOK is an artifact in which pages are bound together to unite some sort of content. Therefore, a book that contains comic art is a comic book, no?

I used to be completely against the term "graphic novel" as it is almost always used incorrectly (a graphic novel is a long-form story told in comics that is ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED as a single volume). Becoming a librarian in charge of a rather large comic art collection has softened my vehement feelings against the word, but I still prefer to call it all comics, myself.

SO when you say you're not interested in comic books, what are you really saying? That you're not interested in superheroes? That you don't buy "floppies" or "pamphlets," but stick to long-form publications (officially known as trade paperbacks when they're reprinted from serialized publications) instead? What?

This semantic question is important to me because I feel like "graphic novel" and "comic book" are words that are used to distinguish works based on their CONTENT, not on their FORM. Everyone in this group reads *something* that was originally serialized in a pamphlet form generally referred to as a "comic book," I guarantee it.

So, let's not be ashamed of the word comic book! Comics are awesome!

message 18: by Charles (new)

Charles No, no. Jack, I'd didn't say carefully. I love comics and all the rest and I too am bored with attempts to rank graphic forms or put some down. What I meant was that what I do is so often lost or unknown in the dominant conversation that I don't get a chance to talk about that (too). So I was putting my hat on the table. Didn't mean to upset you. You're right on every point, of course.

message 19: by Jack (new)

Jack (kcorstel) | 28 comments I didn't mean to direct those comments necessarily at you Charles, and I totally understand that the lines about what is and isn't comic art can get very, very blurred. But looking at many of these introductory comments I see over and over people saying they don't read comics and I wonder why? What is a comic if you're in this group and evidently NOT reading them? Why do so many readers feel bad about the word comics? What do comic or graphic novel mean to you?

And I'll go ahead and say right now (just so that it doesn't come off as an attack later) that I think that calling superhero books comics and calling other kinds of books graphic novels is elitist, short-sighted, and ignores the unique, fun, and interesting publishing cycle of these stories. I also think it serves to disavow the history of comics in America (which has been dominated by superheroes until this recent golden age), AND it denigrates the medium as a whole if we have to pull out a special group of books and say, "Oh, but these aren't crap."

I leave you with this:

Back when he was riding the diabolical headwinds of his popular series of graphic novels, The Sandman, Neil Gaiman attended a party where he introduced himself as a comic-book writer to a newspaper's literary editor. But when the editor quickly realized who this actually was -- and the glaze melted from his eyes -- he offered Gaiman a correction tinged with astonishment: "My God, man, you don't write comics, you write graphic novels." Relating the story to the Los Angeles Times in 1995, Gaiman said, "I suddenly felt like someone who had been informed that she wasn't a hooker, that in fact she was a lady of the evening."

message 20: by Charles (new)

Charles Being a book artist I'm actually not well informed about graphic novels. I'm more up on comics (at least before 1950). What I was hoping for from this group was talk and information about graphic novels such as the one I cited -- The Art Of Pho. And of course if there are any stray book artists who wander in... If anyone wants to see what I do visit http://ocotilloarts.com

message 21: by Charles (new)

Charles Also, if the taxonomic squabbling among book artists interests you, I wrote something on that: http://ocotilloarts.com/Four Traditions.pdf

message 22: by Jack (new)

Jack (kcorstel) | 28 comments Charles, I don't have time to read that right now, but I see you use the word "bookishness." I'm excited, and will take a closer look later.

But your URL came up wrong. So, if you want to read Charles' piece, go to http://ocotilloarts.com/FourTradition...

message 23: by Dana * (new)

Dana * (queenofegypt) I do not mean to be elitist against comic books. The word 'comic' to me means that the story is meant to be funny or irreverent. That it is short, unrelated stories, but with established characters. Graphic Novel to me means that is is a long story, with a plot throughout many issues or chapters, related in a graphic format as opposed to words.

All I meant to convey in my statement was that I don't read traditional comic books. That is all. Just so people know what my interests are.

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