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Horror rp characters

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put your characters here!
creature (you know, something like a witch, or a goblin, or a vampire!)

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name: Shedira
age: 2097.46557
apperence: 7 feet tall with 5 foot long nails and red blood-shot eyes and dreadfully pail skin and black lips and wears a long, flowy, dark dress with tall black boots!(which make her even taller!)
personality: She's an evil control freak who seeks all power! Mwah hah ha hah!
creature: viviblix (Thats a creature from a book in Fablehaven, I think they can animate the dead)

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Name: Opal
age: 12
appearance: Long black hair, shiny brown eyes, wears short white dress with leggings
personality: adventurous, brave, smart
creature: human

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