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Kai was in outside on the balcony working on his new piano piece and he decided to play it a little more and see how it all blended together so far. To make sure the melodies matched up.
((song: ))

Marcus was working on his next Major role as a demon slayer and he had just finished putting on his costume.
((looks: ))

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Down bellow the balcony Jean wondered hopelessly. She sighed and sat down. It was hopeless in this new town. She rest her head on her hands on her knees and heard the distan sound a piano she smiled and started to sway with the music.

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Kai had his eyes closed peacefully as he played his fingers moving peacefully over each key of the piano as he played.

Marcus began to say his line fiercely, "FOUL DEMON! You thkn you can kill these innocent demons and get away with it while im around? I dont think so!" he yelled and ran forward at the actor with the green suit on which was being edited into a fierce looking monster.

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She looked around and then up. She grinned knowing it was coming from up there. She waited till he was finished to stand up and yell "you play beautifully"

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((ah sorry would have replied sooner but i just got back from Lazer Tag with my buds))

Kai heard and then looked over the side of the balcony at her, "thank you!" he said with a blank face. The moon lightly reflecting off of his hair making him look like an angel or some great deity from another time since he had bright light tinted hair.

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((gaspeth!! FUNNNNNN!!! meh it's ok haha I was watching a movie anyways XD))

She grinned "Im jean!"

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((haha ok if you say so. And it was pretty cool. I love going to play Lazer Tag even though its an hour and a half drive from where i live to get there XD but its worth the drive haha))

Kai blinked lightly, "im Kai...Kai Kazuki" he said smiling a half smile lightly cause he wasnt used to talking to people and he wasnt really smiling...he wasnt used to doing that either.

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((haha ikr? lazer tag is fun very fun XD we don't have any up here :( it's sad the only place i knew of in AZ was amazing Jake's and i don't think they have any in WI))

"'s nice to meet you" she giggled softly "I'm..I'm a little lost.."

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((ah really? That sucks))

Kai nodded, "alright...where are you trying to go?" he asked as he looked like he was getting ready to jump down from the second floor.

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((ya :/ one of the downs of moving))

She pulled out the address of the recording studio "umm.. 5th avenue and berkly 778"

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((ohhhh yeah moving sucks...even though i moved before i even had friends but i love it in kentucky. Its great here :] so many nice people who can accept me for who i am))

Kai jumped down landing easily in front of her from having to high jump scenes while acting, "ah thats where i record for my piano songs" he said. "i can show you the way now if you like" he said. "i gotta head into work soon anyway...i play better at night for some odd reason" he said.

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(( can i join))

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((we went through kentucky when we drove up here...we stopped at a gas station and this one guy passed our car 6 times checking me was creepy haha))

She gasped softly looking him over he seemed alright. "i..i..umm" she was at a loss for words. "s-sure"

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((can you start??))

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((you can run into us))

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((sure. And thats creepy joe!))

Marcus finished his scenes for the day and he walked into the rest area so he could change back into his normal outfit and take off the wig which he did as he took a drink of water.

Kai nodded then saw her slightly shocked expression, "the only reason im alright is cause i do acting part-time...and i do my own stunts...ive jumped from higher before so dont worry about it" he said as he started to walk his hands in his pockets, "come on its this way" he said.

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Amarina had landed a part as the leading lady in a play. She walked into the theater. the director told her a guy named Marcus was going to be the leading man but they had finished the scenes that day.

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((yaaaa...I didn't get out of the car because of it haha and I had to pee really bad!!))

"you act?' she asked her grin returning "I was an actress on broadway for three years"

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☠Kai☠ ☠Shun☠ (Dark_Wolf-XxKaixX) | 343 comments Mod
Marcus sighed lightly as he undressed and then put his pants on not caring about putting his shirt on or not. He was cooling down from the lights being on his for so long and his having to swing a sword for the movie they had been getting scenes for.

((gosh that sucks))

Kai looked at Jean, "my brother is an absolute freak when it comes to acting...i go more towards my piano playing than i do my acting" he said. "but i still love it" he said.

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Amarina was pissed that she missed meeting the leading man. She got her script and started to leave.

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She giggled softly "I could say im a bit of a freak about both" she blanked "sorry I play piano as well" ((yes..yes it did lol he was pretty cute but...he was wearing a black hood and his jeans were sagging and he was like 18 and i was 13 at the it scared me))

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((oh wow lol))

Marcus walked out of the changing room and almost ran into her but stopped just in time, "ah sorry about that" he said then he noticed her script, "ah so your the one im acting with then" he said the towel wrapped around his shoulders as he wiped the sweat off of his face.

Kai shrugged, "no problem...and whats your full name? Ive heard alot of new pianoists in the past few weeks on demo c.d's" he said.

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Rina looked at him. " um its fine and that must mean your Marucs." she said smiling

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Marcus nodded, "yes mam that would be me" he said. "couldnt you tell" he said jokingly.

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Amarina smiled " well its nice to meet you"

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Marcus nodded, "yeah you too" he said.

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"Jean Cuzaka" she smiled "I'm not very known yet.."

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Amarina blushed "uh bye" she started walking out.

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Kai nodded, "i see...i think ive heard your demo c.d. sometimes three days ago" he said.

Marcus watched after her then he walked the opposite way to the parking lot and got into his car to drive home and wait for his brother to get there.

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She smiled "oh cool...did you like it?" she bit her lip.

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Rina was new to this town and got lost , of course she always has bad luck so it didnt surprize her.

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((gtg for the night sorry you guys))

Kai nodded, "yeah it was good" he said.

Marcus got home and sat out on the balcony leaning against it lightly staring at the stars letting the wind ruffle his hair lightly.

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((otay bye bye *huggle*))

She looked at the ground with a smile "cool"

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Rina got upset she didnt know what to do she just kept walking.

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Kai looked at her lightly, "you know...if you had added a few more natural chords it would have been even better" he said. "at measure 11 would have been a great spot for one" he said.

Marcus looked at the quarter moon smiling lightly, "wow....feels just like a movie scene right now....ah i should practice my lines for tomorrow now that im thinking about it" he said walking inside and getting his script.

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Rina got bored so she looked at her script it had the numbers of all the actors and actress also the director. She went down lines and got Marcus`s number and called him.

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She nodded "ya I thought it didn't sound quite finished...any other tips?"

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((sorry about the sudden leave had to eat lunch))

Marcus was taken by surprise when his phone rang. He sighed lightly not knowing the number but he answered, "hello?" he asked.

Kai shook his head no, "nah..besides that it sounded fine to me" he said. "even though...i feel like it needs just a little more emotion in it...most of your songs have that hint of sadness and slight anger...but...there were the few that i thought the emotions fit while you played" he said.

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((haha it's ok I had to eat dinner and we watched a movie XD))

She smiled slightly and nodded "Ya..sometiems it just felt like i was going through the motions and not really putting my heart into it...but thats why it's a demo CD"

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((wow you always seem to be watching movies XD))

Kai shrugged, "true" he said as he looked up to the sky as the walked, "we should be there pretty just a little farther this way and then we make a right up here and we should be there" he said.

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((haha ikr? Im a SyFy addict mahahaha but yes generally im always watching movies I dont really have anyone that would hang out with me :/ hee but is ok I get a chance to watch good scary movies like Mandrake :) now i'm watching house))

"ok" she said and pulled out her map. "wow..." she rolled her eyes and shook her head turning it rightside up. "I'm nto very good with maps..."

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((haha nice. And if i lived there you would never have free time to watch your movies XD))

Kai looked at her, "why are you using that map anyways when im showing you the way there?" he asked curiously as he looked at the map too.

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((haha awesome XD you should move here then XD))

"i had it earlier and i was just wondering why i was so lost" she shrugged and shoved it in her pocket.

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((XD i would but i think i should finish school first...even though for college im going to a houston art school cause houston is also where the voice acting studio for vizmedia it all works out since i wanna be a voice actor :] ))

Kai shrugged, "maybe cause its for the next region over" he said. "you have a sunou region map and this is the himati region" he said as he turned right.

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((awesome! hehe I wanna go to a college in France that is mainly for the study of art :D I want to be an art teacher and part time artisit))

"ohh... that makes sence...?" she giggled softly.

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((ah sounds cool XD listen for me in animes if you get the chance XD))

Kai sighed lightly, "yeah i guess so" he said looking to the side and stopping in front of the building, "this is the place" he said. "they have the real town maps in here" he said.

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((haha i don't really watch animes but I'll start after school started I can't really was vampire knight anymore :/))

"ok" she smiled "thanks" she looked at her watch "oh crap" she rushed in and to the back room.

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((??Whhaaaaaat? lol jk))

Kai blinked watching her run then he shrugged and walked into the elevator and went to the 4th floor to his recording room.

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((haha sorry my mind is somewhere else and I'm not really paying attention to what im typing lol I emant after school started I couldn;t really watch them anymore))

"jeez im sooo sorry I'm late" she said "I got lost and" they shook their heads "you missed your chance you are half an hour late" they said "please it will only take a few minutes I swear" She pleaded. They shook their heads and walked out.

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