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☠Kai☠ ☠Shun☠ (dark_wolf-xxkaixx) | 343 comments Mod
Kai Kazuki
Is known as the musical genious and the new actor of actors since a young age he has been acting and he was one of the fortunate orphans to be adopted and he just so happened to be really talented in acting and eventually became a great pianoist.
Peronsality: Is normally quiet and is very dedicated to his piano work.
Crush: Open
Preference: Bisexual
Other: Has a twin brother who is a day younger than him.

Marcus Kazuki
Is known mostly for his acting skills but is also good at the piano.
Personality: Same as his brother but he is more dedicated to his acting.
Crush: Open
Preference: Girls
Other: Is known for his Major role as Misaki of the angel clan in the movie Angels Exist Beside Us.
Character Looks:

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Jean Cuzaka
Isn't very well known yet but loves to play piano and act. She was an actor on broadway for 3 years and now is looking for another job because she moved away. She is very deticated to both piano and acting
Personality: She is very kind, sort of shy, usually the girl that is overlooked
Crush: open
Preference: Boys
Other: Her parents died in a car accidnet when she was younger and has lived in foster house after foster house after foster house. She finally got emancipated and bought her own home but has been moving around ever since.

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Name- Amarina May
Age- 17
Gender- Female
Personality- Sweet and Loud
History- dad left when she was young lives with her mom
Other- Actress

message 4: by Cathrine (new)

Cathrine | 30 comments Name: Lee
Age: 18
Gener: Female
Personality: shy, kind, she can get vilent when someone talks poorly about her family.
Crush: open to boys
Other: she lost both of her parents in an accident so now she lives with her grandparents. she started to play music when she found out her mother play when she was young. she found that playing kept her parents alive.

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