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Heart of the Hunter (Dragon Chalice, #1)
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Julia | 2 comments I first read this book back in 2005, back when I was first foraying into romance novels from the public library. My local branch no longer has this book, unfortunately, so I can't merrily skip there and magically find it.

What I remember:

Book Cover - It was a dark purple cover, with a smallish image of a knight atop a black stallion and looking off to some faraway distance. There wasn't any of those "inside" covers that show the hero/heroine about to have sex.

Title/Author - I have no memory of the title of this book or the author who wrote it.

Characters - I vaguely recall the two main characters being called Ariana and Guy (which, unless someone says I'm correct or wrong, is what I'll call them for the rest of this). There's an evil villain and probably a few henchman, but I don't recall their names.

Plot - This was set during the 1200s in England, I believe. I have no memory of Ariana's plight in this book, so the spoilers below focus on Guy.


Guy's mother was probably a shapeshifter (she could transform into a white wolf, I think) who was supposedly killed by her husband when Guy was ten, but later resurfaces with a group of people just like her when Guy and Ariana are on the run later in the novel. The shapeshifters lived in a cave with hot springs.

Guy and Ariana team up to find a magical chalice of some sorts and fall in love along the way - I vividly recall their first sex scene in a tavern room (where they're ambushed by the villain. Or one of his henchmen.), and then their next (or third) one was in a hot spring. They promise to have a dozen kids or something in one of those scenes.

Stuff happens, and then there's a scene where Ariana gets run through with a sword. The chalice she and Guy were searching for is found in the nick of time, saving her life.

In the epilogue, Ariana is pregnant and has a craving for blood pudding.


Anything Else - This was the first in a series, with the next book focusing on Ariana's brother and a red-headed woman with mystical powers. My library had the fourth (and probably final) book, which I read but then put down because it was so mind-numbingly awful.

If someone is able to identify this, I will love you forever. And then go order this book.

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Stacie H. (staciemh) | 7 comments Heart of the Hunterby Tina St. John

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Julia | 2 comments Thank you so much!

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