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Made to Order Family (Steeple Hill Love Inspired (Large Print)) by Ruth Logan Herne

Good morning, all!
What an absolute treat to be here today, to tell “The story behind the story” of “Made to Order Family” because it’s a lovely one.
Once upon a time there was a sad little girl. She worked hard, she focused well and she tried her best to be good and strong and smart. She joined things like Girl Scouts and choir and cheerleading. She had the lead in some plays and did mock-up “radio shows” at her school, plays that were done over the P.A. system. All she ever wanted was for someone to come see her. Watch her. Clap for her. Cherish her.
But that didn’t happen. Not ever. When the other kids’ parents congratulated them, brought them flowers, took them out for ice cream, this little girls’ parents were home. Drunk. Angry. Depressed.
The little girl prayed for strength.
The prayer was granted.
She prayed for peace.
The prayer was granted.
She prayed for a bigger chest.
(Not really, she just wants to see if you’re paying attention. Good job, by the way.)
When she was fifteen she moved away from home. She moved to a small town with a big heart. She lived with her sister’s family long enough to finish high school. And in that high school she met a wonderful girl named Bonnie.
Bonnie was adorable. Sweet. Kind. Funny. She and Bonnie and Beky hung out together a lot. They had fun. They laughed. They dieted. And then they laughed some more. One day Bonnie had the girls over to her house. They met her parents, a wonderful couple. How the girl wished she could have parents like Bonnie’s, sweet, warm, loving, caring, funny. And a clean house. Wow, that was a plus right there.
And then they told the girl how they were really alcoholics. Alcoholics in AA. Recovering alcoholics.
The girl was amazed. Stunned. Awed.
Why hadn’t her parents chosen THIS. How amazing would that have been, to have parents who met their problems head on and fixed them.
The girl thought about this a long, long time. She thought about it as she got married and had a family. She thought about it when her parents made more bad choices. She thought about it when they finally gave up drinking, allowing her about ten years to finally know them sober.
The reality of Bonnie’s parents, that couple, those survivors who challenged their addiction and won had to become a story. A story of conquering dragons with God’s love and abiding faith. A story of successfully blending a family. A story of hope, peace and grace.
That story became Made to Order Family, my 4 ½ Star third novel for Steeple Hill, on the stands right now. It’s a story that’s touched hearts and sparked e-mails from people who love the little girl’s story and want to tell her how special it is.
To which the little girl (who is no longer a little girl, of course) says: Thank you. And she smiles.

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Patsy | 64 comments Wow, sounds like a touching story. Must read it!

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Jennifer (jennafraugh) | 434 comments lol...praying for a bigger chest! I agree with Patsy, I want to read it too.

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